August's Top 5 digital signage headlines

| by Travis Wagoner
August's Top 5 digital signage headlines

It's time to look back at the most-read articles and blog posts on Digital Signage Today from the previous month, recapping the biggest news headlines in August.

The top five list includes commentary on an wide range of topics. This month offers a taste of everything: the use of digital signage in the real estate industry; the powerful combination of social media and digital signage; using digital signage to create engaging and memorable customer experiences; future trends in OOH advertising; and how digital signage is driving the car-parking industry.

In reverse order, here are the most-read articles and blogs from August in terms of pageviews:

5. "Sold! Digital signage for real estate agents is the future of the industry"

In recent years, the real estate agent has been challenged by the online agency. To compete in today's market, traditional agencies need to adapt. Digital signage could be their secret weapon.

Click here to read more about how digital signage can help realtors flourish using social media, touchscreen digital displays and nearfield communication.

4. "What's new in digital signage and how has social media made an impact?"

In recent years, the digital signage industry has not only seen huge growth in its uses but also in the capabilities of the technology itself. In this post, we take a look at what's new in digital, in addition to how social media has helped to accelerate these trends.

Click here to read more about the powerful combination of digital signage and social media.

3. "How to create a successful customer experience using digital signage"

Consumers are increasingly digitally savvy and expect an omnichannel retail experience. Many retailers are choosing digital signage as a secondary sales tool that can provide information, wayfinding and sell products — without them having to do a thing.

Click here to read more about how to effectively use digital signage for an engaging customer experience.

2. "8 near-future trends set to change out-of-home advertising"

The out-of-home industry is set to evolve more rapidly as mobile convergence, developments in digital platforms and data sources are changing perceptions of the industry. What does that mean for digital signage and digital out-of-home advertising?

Click here to read more about predicted trends in the OOH advertising space.

1. "Big Data and digital signage driving the parking industry"

Digital technology is driving rapid change in the car-parking industry. The two key areas where digital technology is changing the industry landscape are the use of Big Data and the use of digital screens to enhance the customer experience.

Click here to read more about digital signage and the car-parking industry.

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