Leveraging the Power of Digital Devices with Real-Time Info

Businesses have access to more data than ever before. The key is to be able to deliver that data when and where it can deliver the most value.

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[WEBINAR] The Communications Experience: How it's Changed and Where it’s Headed

The communications experience has changed for both individuals and organizations. In this webinar, we discuss how you can build a digital communications infrastructure to support your organization now and in the future. Download now!

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How Interactive Displays are Increasing in Quality, Decreasing in Cost

Consumers are increasingly familiar with touchscreen displays as the number of deployments have spanned retail, restaurants, entertainment venues, hotels, conference centers—broadly speaking, anywhere that the public is to be engaged in an entertaining and immersive way.

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Digital signage 5 for 5: October 2017

Last month, users gobbled up stories on McDonald's, software, restaurants and digital signage horror stories.

VR experience brings the fear to laundry

In order to promote a washing machine, Whirlpool teamed up with JCDecaux to craft a hair-raising VR experience that brings the fear to the laundry.

5 tips to avoid a digital signage horror story this Halloween

Imagine you ordered the perfect digital signage system, but when it arrives, the team doesn't install it for you. You can avoid this horror story and many other frightening scenarios by following these five tips.

Can 'attract screens' lure in customers?

One way retailers are luring in customers to their display or kiosk is by using digital signage attract screens.

Digital signage software: Where to begin?

Digital signage seems simple, but choosing software can be a challenge. Where do you begin?

A Prescription for Digital Communications in Healthcare

With the abundance of information that can be made accessible in real-time, it is no surprise that patients are becoming increasingly frustrated with the lack of digital communications in healthcare. If there was an industry where information is vital, it’s healthcare.

Omnivex Ink

This is Omnivex Ink. It will change how your business communicates. Any information, any person, any device. Just three easy steps.

3 digital signage options for retail kiosks

Historically, the cost and complexities of digital signage discouraged operators of retail kiosks from investigating its potential benefits. But as digital screens become a more common component of kiosks in other environments, interest in digital signage for retail kiosks is increasing.

One size doesn't fit all with multi-touch

As customer demand for sophisticated touch interactivity increases, software and hardware companies working in this field must keep abreast of the technical requirements to support these advanced use cases.

One display to go please: Digital signage at the drive thru

Digital signage isn't just for indoor menus, it is also entering the drive thru. What are the real benefits of digital signage at the drive thru and what are the potential downfalls?

6 Guidelines For Creating Great Digital Signage Content

Need ideas for your digital signage content? Here are six easy ways to get the most out of your digital signage content. 6 Guidelines For Creating Great Digital Signage Content Having the best digital signage won’t do you much good...

5 Restaurants Creating Better Experiences with Digital Signage

Get five tips about how proper restaurant signage can boost your public image and customer experience at the same time. Among the many industries that can benefit from digital signage, restaurants have perhaps the most versatility. This versatility of restaurant...

Blazing Hot Digital Advertising Signage Trends

Digital signage is a great and innovative way to spread the message your business has to offer your core customers and audience. But as with most things in advertising and marketing, there are changes and trends that work better in digital advertising signage to bring about better results.

Improved technology gives digital signage owners extra advertising power

Technology is driving big changes everywhere in our society, including digital signage. Today, digital signage owners can leverage advances in interactive marketing that provide unprecedented ways to personalize advertising messages and tailor them to precisely fit the needs of customers.

Bigger is better with video walls

Video walls are designed to create a big impression, so you need to go big with them or go home.

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Robust digital signage software can manage content and screens, plan distribution based on pre-determined criteria, and intelligently carry out playlists and loops - all while ensuring a vivid, cohesive customer experience.