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Are you looking for creative digital signage solutions that are affordable? And are you looking for a trusted partner with a presence in 29+ countries and over 50K deployments? 

For 10 years, Mvix has continued to offer cost-effective and dynamic messaging solutions to inform, promote, entertain, socialize, & sell. 

We are revolutionizing the digital signage market by offering a powerful Content Management Software (CMS) that’s absolutely free. The cloud-based CMS, XhibitSignage, comes subscription-free, and with NO CONTRACT. 

This intuitive CMS provides businesses an affordable, easy, and scalable way to set up and manage high-impact digital signage networks.

Our solution set ranges from simple, affordable, product showcase systems to enterprise-class and custom digital signage solutions for complex installations. We also offer core services to complement your digital signage deployment:


Custom design -- creation of customized, dynamic, and eye-catching content.
Installation -- seamless deployments and professional installs.
Managed services -- ongoing management of your network by certified experts.
Implementation assistance -- professionally designed screen layouts, and content assignment for maximum impact.
Custom solution development -- customized solutions with highly specific requirements for functionality and usability.

At Mvix, you get:

  • Best price + value guarantee -- we’re making digital signage affordable. We’ll not lock you in a contract, and we’ll not make you pay subscription fees. What we’ll do is give you LIFETIME USAGE of our free, powerful, and comprehensive CMS.
  • Comprehensive support -- enjoy your own personal help desk with technical support available at any time of the day, year-round. Get premium care with our enterprise-level Signature Support which includes free device upgrades, free training, lifetime warranty, and premium content.
  • Dedicated Solutions Consultants (SC) -- trained and certified, our SCs are more than salespeople. They’ll work with you, and educate you on the best practices for maximizing your ROI.
  • A trusted partner -- Inc. 5000 included us in their list of the fastest-growing private companies in America, and CIO Review named us as one of the 20 most promising media and entertainment tech solution providers. Do we need to say more?

With cross-functional solutions that can be used across 12 verticals of the digital signage marketplace, we promise to keep costs low and maximize your ROI. 


Products and Services

Xhibit 4K Digital Signage System

Mvix’s Xhibit 4K delivers true end-to-end 4K performance. Bundled with a subscription-free, web-based digital signage CMS, it makes true 4K digital signage affordable. Xhibit 4K’s solid-state architecture, ultra-small footprint and robust connectivity options, deliver near failure-free performance. Learn more »

Xhibit Mykro | Affordable Signage Solution

Xhibit Mykro is a small yet powerful digital signage solution that gives users an affordable, flexible, and customizable graphic engine to drive effective and efficient communication. Learn more »

Andros Digital Menu Board System

Andros signage system is a web-enabled player for displaying professionally-designed templates on large display screens. The cloud-based content management platform allows you to manage playback on display screens over the internet via SignageCreator, a content creation and content management software. Learn more »

Xhibit LIVE Signage System w/ Live HD-TV

Combine live TV on HD screens with customized promotional content, news, traffic, weather, and more to create personalized channels. Mvix’s Xhibit Live allows you to seamlessly integrate live TV and digital signage. It helps you to keep the screen content dynamic, fresh, and informative and engages the audience continuously. Learn more »

Flight Information Display Systems

In 2014 alone, 650 million U.S travellers went through TSA screening. 1 in 5 domestic flights were delayed, with the average length of delay being 50 minutes. Frustration resulting from this can be prevented by providing and preparing passengers and guests with better information on implications of such delays/cancellations and options. Learn more »

Digital Building Directories

A study pegged the average cost of adding a tenant’s name to a traditional building directory at $400 - even though the new tenant’s name is often misspelled. This process involved three support staff, and took more than 30 days from start to finish. Not only is this traditional method of displaying a tenant directory a bad financial move, it also provides nothing in the way of customer experience. Learn more »

Turnkey Digital Signage Solutions

Think affordable, scalable, versatile, end-to-end. We’ve fine tuned the keys to effective digital signage, and have the solution for an easy and effective digital deployment. We have combined high graphics power with industrial grade design to create a solution that promises high ROIs and ROOs (return on objective) that can be measured easily. Learn more »

Production and Metric Displays for Manufacturing Plants

Most employees in manufacturing plants are charged with repeating technical tasks and operating complex machinery. They do not have ready access to the traditional mediums of communication i.e. phone and email service. The Mvix Production and Metric Displays provide an easy to use yet dynamic messaging solution for production lines, loading docks, as well as throughout entire facilities. Learn more »

Multi-Screen Video Wall Solutions

The Mvix video wall solution includes the cloud-based CMS, XhibitSignage, and an HDCP-compliant digital graphics processor that delivers high quality video and image scaling for multi-screen video walls. Delivering outstanding tiled visual performance, Mvix video walls allow customers to create a near-seamless digital canvas. Embedded widgets allow live URL/web content streaming, Youtube, weather, traffic, RSS ticker, and more within split screen templates. Learn more »

CAP Compliant Emergency Messaging Solution

In addition to addressing the visual component of mass notifications, our solution can also send custom alerts for events such as school closings or a power outage and CAP alerts from national and local sources. ​ Learn more »

Box Office Display Solution for Movie Theaters

The digital box office display solution for movie theaters automatically generates and deploys animated and dynamic HD movie posters with showtimes, trailers, ratings, and pricing. The digitally animated posters can be displayed alongside branding and promotional messages for the concession stand, loyalty programs, etc. Learn more »
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