[LIVE WEBINAR] Think Outside the Box: Discovering the power of what's possible

Engaging customers via mobile phone or digital screen of any kind has tremendous challenges, but an upcoming free webinar hosted by Digital Signage Today and Omnivex will give tremendous solutions for businesses hoping to rachet up their results in this area. 

Register now for this webinar to learn:

•    How to seamlessly blend information and technology.
•    How to combine data, gamification and digital signage for one-of-a-kind personalized experiences. 
•    How to use artificial intelligence in your digital communication infrastructure.
•    How to use the power of digital to help users get information in remote areas. 



Topics: 4K Ultra HD, Advertising, Assisted Selling, Assisted Selling/Point-of-Decision, Audience Measurement, Augmented Reality, Cloud-Based Digital Signage, Content, Content Management, Customer Experience, Digital Merchandising, Digital Signage Psychology, Display Technology, Distributors / Resellers, DOOH Advertising, Emerging Technology, Interactive / Touchscreen, Marketing, Mobile Interactivity, Networking / Connectivity, Outdoor Signage, Planning / Integration, Retail, Retail Digital Signage, ROI, Social Media, Software, Webinars

Companies: Omnivex

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