July's Top 5 digital signage headlines

| by Travis Wagoner
July's Top 5 digital signage headlines

It's time to look back at the most-read articles, news and blog posts on Digital Signage Today from the previous month, recapping the biggest news headlines in July.

As we look back at the seventh month of the year, the top five features a return visitor from February and two stories that tied for fifth place. Whether it's challenges for retail digital signage, the powerful combination of social media and digital signage, future trends in OOH advertising, the increase in digital displays at quick-serve restaurants, how integrators are making more money from digital signage or the effect of 'PokémonGo' on the augmented reality space, this month has a taste of it all.

So let's take a look at what this month's top-five review has on tap. Here are the most-read articles and blogs from July, in reverse order and in terms of pageviews:

5. "Does the success of 'PokémonGo' mark a turning point in augmented reality experiences?"

"Pokémon Go," the interactive, augmented reality-enabled gaming app has captured the attention and imagination of millions of people around the globe.

Click here to read more about the future of augmented reality and how it could change the world.

5. "How integrators are making more money from digital signage services"

Digital signage integrators are setting themselves apart by becoming one-stop hubs for their customers and providing a seamless solution for every type of digital signage installation.

Click here to read more about areas an integrator can explore that will offer a more robust digital signage solution, increase the company's value to the customer and, with the right combination of services, increase profit margin and revenue.

4. "QSR + outdoor digital displays = The ultimate Happy Meal"

With an estimated 50 to 70 percent of QSR sales occurring in the drive thru, taking digital menu boards outdoors is the next logical evolution for the industry.

Click here to read more about the top reasons outdoor digital displays go hand in hand with drive-thrus.

3. "8 near future trends set to change out-of-home advertising"

The out-of-home industry is set to evolve more rapidly as mobile convergence, developments in digital platforms and data sources are changing perceptions of the industry. What does that mean for digital signage and digital out-of-home advertising?

Click here to read more about predicted trends in the OOH advertising space.

2. "Digital signage comes alive with social media content"

Appealing to our emotions, compelling consumer behavior and encouraging advocacy is at the heart of digital signage. While conventional content achieves this to an extent, there is one medium that makes use of consumer behavior and emotion more than any other: Social media.

Click here to read more about how powerful the combination of digital signage and social media is for building brand awareness and influencing customer behavior to benefit the bottom line.

1. "4 challenges for retail digital signage"

Digital signage has the potential to produce some undeniably cool retail experiences. Using digital signage in retail isn't something you should rush into, especially if your budget isn't limitless. Mistakes make for higher costs and poor results.

Click here to read more about what challenges retailers encounter with digital signage.

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