Digital signage 5 for 5: March edition

| by Bradley Cooper
Digital signage 5 for 5: March edition

March was a big month for Digital Signage Today, as we saw trends, innovation and informational digital signage dominate the top stories of the month. One top story covered an installation at the Crazy Horse memorial to commemorate the legacy of the Native American tribes of North America.

Other popular articles also made an appearance on the top five list, such as near-future trends for OOH advertising and shelf edge technology. Let’s take a look at the top five most read articles and blogs for Digital Signage Today for March 2017. The articles are posted in reverse order.                                         

5. Crazy Horse rides in with digital signage

Toshiba recently upgraded the Crazy Horse Memorial in South Dakota with touchscreen displays. The displays offer games, information and videos on the rich cultural history of Native Americans.

4. Intel continues to push digital signage innovation

Intel technologies drives 75 percent of the media players and compute engines that drive digital signage and place-based media globally. They are continuing to push forward with innovative solutions for this industry.

3. What’s driving the digital signage market trends?

The digital signage market size was more than $14.9 billion for 2015 and is expected to record a CAGR of 5.3 percent during the forecast period. Breakthroughs in methods of display-panel production have led to a considerable decline in cost and are predicted to positively affect digital signage market trends.

2. 8 near-future trends set to change out-of-home advertising

The OOH industry is set to evolve rapidly in the future. This growth will lead to more intelligent screens, real-time OOH trading, beacon adoption and more.

1. How shelf edge technology will transform retail

Despite 76 percent of purchase decisions (and 60 percent of brand "switch" decisions) being made impulsively at the shelf edge, the power of the shelf edge as a premium marketing tool can sometimes be underestimated. Digital shelf edge displays have vast potential to reach customers.

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