Webinar examines content do's and don'ts

| by Bradley Cooper
Webinar examines content do's and don'ts

It can be very difficult to design the right content for your displays. There are many factors to consider, such as the variations of displays, the resolution and the audience. During a webinar hosted by Omnivex, Suzana Spratley, CEO and founder of Techtap, and Chris Devlin, director of sales, Omnivex, discussed key do's and don'ts of content design.

Spratley emphasized that before you even start to think about content, you need to consider your audience. Is your audience a bored audience in a waiting room, or is it millennials who want interactive components? If you don't have a firm definition of your audience, you won't develop the right content to reach them.

Spratley said content needs to "engage, inform, enhance and empower" customers. In order to do this, you need to lay down a firm objective. It could be increasing sales, increasing customer engagement, or even improving employee communication. The objective could be information transfer, community building or client engagement.

From there, you need to find the right software platform for your objective. You will need to ask a variety of questions, such as whether you need widgets or not. You will also need to consider if you need an on-premise solution or a cloud solution. Spratley and Devlin gave other advice, including:

  • Pay attention to the location. If your signage isn't in the right location, it won't get noticed. But if it is placed properly, it could affect customers' decisions. For example, displays near a POS tend to drive 40 percent more sales.
  • Ensure the play list matches the average dwell time of a user. If the video is one minute long, make sure it is broken into several segments to match a customer's attention span, which is only a few seconds generally.
  • Repurpose your brand message for whatever platform you use.
  • Integrate interactive elements only if it makes sense for your objective. Interactivity costs a lot of money, so you don't want to integrate it unless it is a key driver of your objectives, or your customers expect it.

The webinar also covered areas to avoid when designing or pushing content to displays. One area is to make sure you don't push content that was designed for another medium into digital signage. TV advertisements are not going to work well on a videowall, for example. Web content doesn't work on a display. Your designers need to follow the proper digital display guidelines for content.

Other mistakes to avoid would be things like putting too much text on a small display, or splitting apart your content in an odd way with a videowall. The content should flow naturally on a videowall. It shouldn't cut images or text in an unnatural way.

To learn more about content design do's and don'ts, click here to download the webinar for free.

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