Watch DOOH on TV (Video)

| by Christopher Hall
Watch DOOH on TV (Video)

In an interesting meta-contextual twist of a sort, digital signage and digital out-of-home advertising has started even being used as advertising via other media.

Major brand television ads recently have either used the fact of something being shown on digital signage or the presence of digital signage as part of the marketing strategy for the brands.

Pizza giant Domino's recently launched a commercial campaign, featuring the TV spot "Raising the Bar," that is partially-centered around its Times Square interactive digital signage campaign (wait till about the 32-second mark):

Responses from customers to Domino's new pizza and rebranding efforts were posted on one of the major Times Square digital signs, and then show on television as a way of trumpeting the brand's efforts and successes.

And digital signage mainstay MediaTile is featured in this Verizon Wireless commercial:

While perhaps not the focal point of the ad, Susie's digital signage display is part of Verizon's advertising as it works to broaden its business customer base and expand its data plan offerings with 4G cellular signage.

So, while digital signage is itself an up-and-coming advertising medium, it's being used to promote brands on the now "old-fashioned" medium of TV.

Funny, that.

For more on digital out-of-home advertising, visit our DOOH Advertising research center.

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