NEXCOM Digital Signage Player Provides Bus Passengers with Real-Time Schedule Updates

A fast-paced, vibrant city in Asia utilizes NEXCOM's digital signage player to build estimated time of arrival (ETA) systems for the display and communication of bus schedule changes and conditions, allowing passengers to make adjustments to their travel plans if necessary.

Type: Special Report

Sponsor: NEXCOM

Healthier workplace snack options enabled by Cradlepoint powered kiosks

Cradlepoint IBR600 and MBR1200 provide quick and easy deployment and ensure kiosks remain up and running.

Type: Case Study

Sponsor: Cradlepoint

United Oil deploys Cradlepoint ARC Solution with Integrated 4G LTE to replace DSL

High-end retail gas stations embrace Cradlepoint solutions to cut costs and optimize customer experience

Type: Case Study

Sponsor: Cradlepoint

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Looking beyond the displays: Digital signage trends part 1

At 2017's digital signage show, I noticed several trends ranging from mobile interactivity to more advanced touchscreen technology. Let's take a look at some of the biggest digital signage trends, according to industry experts.

The growth of the digital signage industry: Are you on hold?

I frequently read reports about the size of the digital signage industry and its expected growth. However, I rarely hear anyone include the digital sign billions of people carry around with them and interact with constantly — the cell phone.

Digital signage trends in 'The 7 Key Elements' for 2014

Our year-end coverage and look ahead at 2014 continues with these digital signage trends for 2014 from Brawn Consulting.

Buckeye State test driving rest-stop digital signage

Ohio Department of Transportation turning to digital signage kiosks in rest areas to raise revenue.

Product review: Navori's new Android-based pico player for digital signage

Navori CEO says new player is basically an Android smartphone that uses a digital signage display for its screen.

Digital billboards keeping Detroit Tigers fans updated on World Series

Twitter interactivity is turning digital billboards into digital scoreboards for this year's World Series.

Stay on target: Corporate communications and digital signage

Digital signage can facilitate inward-facing internal messaging as well as consumer-facing outward communications.

Digital signage goes mobile

There's no denying that mobile devices are dramatically impacting the way we live. Smartphones are now our primary conduit to friends, family and colleagues.

How digital signage and mobile is the latest and greatest convergence for DOOH advertisers (Commentary)

How integrated digital signage and mobile caters to the constantly connected consumer.

2012: What to expect when you're expecting digital signage

We're nearly finished with the year that was; time to get ready for the year that will be.

Digital signage and cellular networking

DST takes a look at networking digital signs with 3G and 4G cellular connectivity.

B2C to B2Me: MediaTile launching HumanKiosk (Video)

Cellular digital signage specialists MediaTile will announce the commercial launch of the HumanKiosk digital signage solution later this week.

Watch DOOH on TV (Video)

Domino's and Verizon are using digital signage in their latest ad campaigns.

Sprint and the telcos, pushing DOOH

The major carriers are promoting digital signage for their business clients, with Sprint pushing the pace.

MediaTile shifting from turnkey to SaaS for digital signage kiosks

The HumanKiosk company will focus on software and bring in partners for hardware and branding.

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Cellular connectivity can provide an efficient, affordable, and easy-to-use means of remotely updating digital signage content.