Top 5 digital signage stories of first half of 2018

| by Bradley Cooper
Top 5 digital signage stories of first half of 2018

We have now past the middle point of 2018, and Digital Signage Today has not slowed down its constant stream of content on innovative deployments and trends. Readers earlier this year had their eyes on trends in advertising, AI, IoT and deployments from major brands including Coca Cola and McDonald's.

One story covered how Coca Cola has leapt into the digital signage space with its own mobile app to allow retailers and restaurants to craft digital signage experiences, including AR games, to promote Coca Cola.

Other reports covered key future trends in the industry such as: increased mobile integration, segmentation, dynamic content, smart displays, more responsive content and more narrative focused campaigns.

With that in mind, let's take a look back at the top five most read stories for Digital Signage Today from January to June. They are posted in reverse order.

5.  What do consumers want from digital signage advertising?

Much is said about digital signage being a must have for businesses, but there's very little discussion about how digital signage advertising actually influences consumer behavior. However, Kinetic Panel's research is as refreshing as it is compelling, as it reveals valuable information from the people that matter most to businesses, the consumers!

4. McDonald's shares menu board lessons

When McDonald's upgraded its traditional print menus to digital menu boards, it ran into a few challenges. These challenges were not in regards to the actual technology, but rather communication.

This was a massive task, considering the QSR had to deploy 40,000 screens while working with 45 different creative agencies. Other complexities included localized content, specials, FDA regulators, screen size variance and other issues.

3. Coca Cola bursts into digital signage

Coca Cola is working to deliver a simpler digital signage tool to its many suppliers through a mobile app known as Neko. The tool provides HTML content, remote content management and AR game creation.

2. 3 future trends set to change the digital signage landscape

The digital signage landscape is always changing. While you are always going to have a display, content and a way to control the content, the ways in which digital signage can reach audiences are changing all the time. It is absolutely necessary to stay on the cutting edge of digital signage trends to avoid becoming mere "background noise."

The Digital Signage Future Trends Report identifies a few key future trends, and we will be focusing on mobile integration, segmentation and dynamic content.

1. 5 future digital signage trends of 2018

Screens are going to get even wider than they are now, yet slimmer than ever before. The trend of increased personalization and interactivity we saw this year will continue in 2018. And smart programs and AI are entering the field, allowing an unprecedented scaling of data analysis and integration.

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