Three Dimensions of Opportunity

With digital signage quickly becoming part of the crowd, it's time for a new technology to stand out.

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3D Digital Signage Beginning to Get its Due

The penetration of 3D digital signage has been slower than anticipated, but the technology is starting to grab the attention of network operators and companies looking to reach their customers with engaging content.

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Almo Partners with NEC to Serve Up Raspberry Pi

The incorporation of support for the latest Raspberry Pi compute module support into NEC’s newest displays combined with Almo’s content creation services promises to expand the opportunities for deploying digital signage.

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Is VR a threat or an ally to digital signage?

Virtual Reality isn't science fiction anymore. What does it mean for the digital signage industry? Is VR a friend or a foe?

Does 4K even matter?

4K resolution looks good on paper, but does it matter in the long run?

Looking beyond the displays: Digital signage trends, Part 2

Last week, we examined some of the key trends at Digital Signage Expo, ranging from better displays, touchscreen technology trends and the shifting role of digital signage. Now, let's examine a few additional trends related to the various verticals in digital signage and the industry itself.

Looking beyond the displays: Digital signage trends part 1

At 2017's digital signage show, I noticed several trends ranging from mobile interactivity to more advanced touchscreen technology. Let's take a look at some of the biggest digital signage trends, according to industry experts.

Designing a reliable future for Ultra-Fine-Pitch LED

While the display performance design and implementation of Ultra-Fine-Pitch is now competitive, there is significant work ahead for manufacturers to realize the vast market potential of these displays.

Avoiding the uncanny valley in digital signage

Holographic displays are cool, except when they drive away visitors with creepy images and robotics. Avoiding the uncanny valley is key for any retailer getting into the field of advanced displays and holograms.

Top 5 digital signage stories: December edition

The holidays are over and winter has set in, but digital signage stories don't hibernate during the cold. The top stories last month examined key predictions for the future of digital signage in 2017, retailer strategies and more.

Digital signage begins and ends with business

Alan Brawn, Partner at Brawn Consulting, looks forward to the Digital Signage Expo 2015 this March in Las Vegas.

Assisted selling with 3D digital signage

This year at NRF 2014, Xomni partnered with Magnetic3D to provide a 3D experience for retail.

NRF14: Digital signage in tweets at Retail's BIG Show

Retail and digital signage go together like birds of a Twitter at this year's National Retail Federation BIG Show.

The digital signage revolution will be in 3D (Commentary)

A 3D digital signage expert details how new chipsets are making advances possible in 3D software.

Is 3D the next big thing?

I've been following Tom Zerega's excellent series on "Demystifying 3D" in this publication. He has me wondering, is 3D the next big thing for digital signage? What is it that makes 3D so valuable, and in what circumstances does its...

Demystifying 3D digital signage, Pt. III: Best practices (Commentary)

An expert in glasses-free 3D looks at best practices for autostereoscopic 3D in digital signage.

Demystifying 3D for digital signage, Pt. II (Commentary)

An expert in glasses-free 3D looks at how hardware and content are intertwined in capturing consumers' eyes with 3D.

InfoComm12: 7 digital signage trends (Commentary)

The executive director of the Digital Screenmedia Association highlights digital signage at this year's InfoComm.

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