Location-based digital signage campaign launches 'The Lego Movie' in Australia

Location-based digital signage campaign launches 'The Lego Movie' in Australia

"The Lego Movie" has been an international smash hit, grossing more than $400 million worldwide since its opening in the U.S. in early February.

In Australia at least — where the movie opened earlier this week — "The Lego Movie" also is getting a big push from digital out-of-home advertising, with a digital billboard campaign running across Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, respectively the three largest cities in Australia by population.

APN Outdoor, an outdoor advertising company in Australia and New Zealand, worked with media agency OMD and movie co-producer Village Roadshow to roll out a strategic, large-format digital billboard component as part of the overall promotional campaign for the movie's launch, according to a post on the APN Outdoor website.

The movie campaign is running across two of APN Outdoor's large-format digital sites in Melbourne's central business district, as well as on large-format digital billboards across Sydney and Brisbane throughout the promotion period, according to APN Outdoor. Each creative variation engages proximity messaging, daypart technology and features a Lego character with ad copy specific to that precinct or location, being broadcast across the specific sites accordingly.

Lego Digital billboard on Chapel St

"Village Roadshow has always been a great supporter of innovation and creativity," OMD Trading Manager Rob Ishag said of the campaign on the website. "APN Outdoor's Digital Billboards ticked many of 'The Lego Movie''s campaign objectives including impact, engagement and targeted messaging, and we were excited to utilize these assets to promote this movie."

Large-format digital billboards deliver significant impact, APN Outdoor said. A recent study by Access Testing for the company found that digital billboards have four times more engagement than street furniture, according to the post.

Lego Digital billboard on Latrobe

According to the website for digital signage software provider Four Winds Interactive, "digital billboards are clearly more effective than traditional billboards. The research indicates that these billboards have a larger impact on business sales, branding initiatives, and do a much better job of putting eyeballs on the billboard displays. In fact, even accounting for the much higher cost of digital billboard ad space, most business clients say that digital billboards have been more cost-effective than traditional billboard ad buys."

Some studies have even suggested that digital billboards and LED signs are as much as six times more effective than static signs in promotions.

"Village Roadshow's 'The Lego Movie' execution is a perfect example of embracing the strengths of large-format digital," Mark Fairhurst, general manager of sales for APN Outdoor, said on the site. "Utilizing the creative flexibility that it provides to alternate messages relevant to a specific location is a great way for advertisers to not only maximize a campaign's impact, but to also gain deeper audience engagement."

Watch a video of the campaign, posted to YouTube by APN Outdoor, below:

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