Like, friend or tweet: Reaching Millennials with digital signage

Like, friend or tweet: Reaching Millennials with digital signage

By Kelly Eisel

Industry Weapon

Approximately 80 million Americans fall into the Millennial demographic. In the U.S., they annually spend around $600 billion. Projectionists say Millennials will account for 1/3 of retail spending by 2020. They are easily becoming the most powerful demographic due to their influence on trend setting. Moreover, Millennials are the first generation to be completely digitally based.

Static media fails

Millennials value flexibility, intelligence, and acceptance. They are experts at adapting to fast, drastic change. Any aspect of their world that is unchanging is considered antiquated. To Millennials, boredom is a punishment. The demand for more is not only the basis for attraction, but also essential to keeping their focus. Having attention spans conditioned to last for mere seconds, they rely on relentless stimulation.

Leading retailers have turned to digital signage companies to remedy the lack of interest in static marketing among this generation. Digital signage allows businesses to run multiple, ever-changing campaigns that feature videos, music, and user interaction. Based on consumer trends, these lucrative signs can boost audience retention rates as high as 200 percent.

Digital Signage companies provide the necessary tools to create vibrant, innovative channels through which businesses can project their messages. By streamlining the user experience and not overwhelming them with information, businesses can focus on what the consumer actually wants.

Millennials care about, above all else, the appearance of living life to the fullest. For them, constant connection to social media means constant judgment. Social media is less about keeping in touch with friends and more about documenting noteworthy experiences through text and pictures. They feel pressured to invest unceasing time and energy into their Internet Egos. In posting selfies, statuses, and viral content they seek approval and admiration. They will often mimic the most ‘liked’ users in their network to achieve it.

Retailers hardly need to spend money on television advertising these days. Sixty-three percent of Millennials rely on social media to keep informed on their favorite brands. An eye-catching Instagram can hit a thousand "likes" in minutes. Facebook pages let users post comments to their walls and pictures.

Twitter creates brand awareness through hashtags. Digital signage allows customers to access their social media sites. Some digital signage companies even have camera capabilities, which allow them to hone in on their target demographic. Couple this with a hashtag campaign, and brands can utilize free advertising through their customers’ selfies.

Digital signage is no longer limited to slide shows and videos. Software allows users to implement interactive campaigns. Using touchscreen hardware, consumers can interface with social media sites while shopping. Companies can drive viral campaigns that allow shoppers to take selfies in the store, upload them to social media sites, and hashtag the name of the campaign.

(This article is excerpted from the Industry Weapon white paper "Like, Friend, Tweet: Top Retailers Digitally Connect with Millennials." To read the full piece, including the section "Top Five Ways To Use Digital Signage in Retail," download it for free here.)

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