Digital signage can revamp the Black Friday experience

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Digital signage can revamp the Black Friday experience

Although many consumers are opting to shop online, Black Friday is still a major brick-and-mortar retailer event, drawing in $2.4 billion in revenue last year, according to a report by US news. At the same time, customers spent $10 less in 2016, than they did in 2015. Retailers need to step up their game to boost sales, and one way to do that is with digital signage, according to a white paper sponsored by Nixplay Signage.

Sell and inform

There are a number of key ways retailers can boost sales and customer experience during Black Friday. One way is to simply provide key information about the current hot items, coupons, promotions and loyalty programs. Retailers can also carefully select what they think will be their hottest products this season to really hammer home their advertising on digital signage.

The white paper also emphasizes that retailers shouldn't just bombard customers with sales. They should also share information on the company's history, charity work, employees and more. 

Vegas EXP, a Las Vegas retailer owned by M&K Enterprises, uses digital signage to not just push sales but to also drive key information on events and social media to create a better digital presence.

"We decided to use LED displays to create a digital presence and to assist us with promoting our store events, products and specials, as well as enhance the customer experience.  Our LED Displays also assist us with driving traffic to our social media sites and our e-commerce site," Jennifer R Turner, president and CEO of M&K Enterprises, said in an interview.

For customers who show up early, retailers can also deploy outdoor displays with countdown clocks, rules on how many items the customer can purchase and other key facts such as coupons and promotions. This can help save employees time, by ensuring customers absorb the information while they wait for the floodgates to open.

"While a sign will not stop all questions, it may ease the number so employees can focus on keeping the store clean, doing any last minute stocking and preparing for the incoming crowd," the white paper said.

Boosting interaction

Customers on Black Friday won't just be looking at your products, they will also be on their smartphones, checking to see if there are any better deals around town, or checking social media. Retailers need to capture customer's attention while they are browsing Facebook.

One way to do this is by integrating QR codes into digital signage that offers additional information on products or extra coupons. Retailers can also push advertisements to customers who login to their Wi-Fi, such as information regarding online sales.

Another key way to use digital signage is to direct users to a company's social media page. 

"Vegas EXP will be utilizing our LED displays to advertise our Black Friday shopping deals and promotions, directing traffic to our social media sites, as well as our e-commerce site for Black Friday and Cyber Monday online specials," Jennifer R. Turner, president and CEO of M&K Enterprises, said in an email.

Retailers can also interact with customers by helping build up a sense of urgency. They can update their content on digital signage to remind customers how much time is left on a particular sale. By placing displays throughout the store with this content, retailers can help drive additional sales by creating a sense of urgency and anticipation.

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