Digital signage 5 for 5: July 2017 edition

| by Bradley Cooper
Digital signage 5 for 5: July 2017 edition

Readers, this months, were looking for that secret sauce to jumpstart customer experience and to answer CEO concerns about digital signage. Other top stories examined digital signage tactics and trends in all verticals.

The top story this month examined five key tactics to deliver successful digital signage experiences. Some of those tactics included examining the circumstances carefully to see if 4K or extra brightness would be a boon or just an extra cost. Companies should also develop dynamic content to avoid losing a customer's already short attention span.

Let's take a look at the top five most read stories on Digital Signage Today for July 2017. They are posted in reverse order.

5. Are kiosks the next step for restaurant based digital signage?

Menu boards are reaching widescale acceptance in major QSR brands and kiosks are hot on their trail. Are kiosks the next big development for restaurant based digital signage?

4. 5 digital signage future trends set to change the market

The future of digital signage will comprise many functions and features including personalization, data analysis, augmented reality, interactive media and artificial intelligence.

3. Is digital signage the secret sauce for restaurant experiences?

Good restaurant operators know that the path to a customer's stomach begins in their minds. They have to grab a customer's attention and craft a memorable experience in order to trigger repeat visits. Digital signage is one way to accomplish that, as long as you address key challenges and problems.

2. Answering 6 questions from your CEO on digital signage

You love digital signage, and you are convinced it would be a perfect fit for your retailer, hospital, hotel, school or what have you. But what do you do if your boss isn't convinced? Your boss is going to have a few questions regarding its effectiveness both for customer experience and for staying ahead of the competition. You need to be prepared to answer these key questions from your CEO.

1. 5 tactics to keep in mind with digital signage

The phrase, "The customer is king," has evolved into a more holistic phrase, "The customer experience is everything." Companies are focusing on delivering cross-channel experiences that truly draw in distracted customers. However, in order to improve customer experience, a tool needs to first grab a customer's attention. Is digital signage the right tool for the job or is it just more clutter? It all comes down the tactics you use and your overall strategy.

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