Answering 6 questions from your CEO on digital signage

| by Daniel Waldron
Answering 6 questions from your CEO on digital signage

You can be the biggest supporter of digital signage on the planet, recognizing the benefits of taking your company in the direction of digital.  However, if the key decision maker doesn't see the value, you won't see any digital signage. The question is, "Are you answering the questions that your CEO is asking?"

Convincing the boss to commit to a digital signage project requires tact. Simply bombarding them with requests to implement digital signage, because that's what competitors are doing, will doom any project before it gets off the ground.

It's likely your boss will simply say that, "We don't want to be like our competitors" or "Our competitors are wasting money."

If you want to open doors to digital signage implementation, remove your enthusiasm & think like your CEO. Have you heard their concerns? Can you rebuff those concerns?

To help you on your way, here are six key questions you need to answer convincingly to win support for a digital signage project:

CEO: How will digital signage steer us ahead of new and current competitors?

You: Digital signage gives us a quicker, on-site message delivery system to target our audience. We can launch products/services almost instantly, getting to market ahead of our competitors.

CEO: How does digital signage improve us operationally?

You: Like all our IT systems, which help us to implement things more promptly and speed up some of our processes with minimal risk and cost, digital signage serves a similar purpose.

That 'keeping ahead of our competitors' I mentioned, well operationally, digital signage will reduce the amount of time it takes us to market our new products, services or promote our brand, giving us an edge. We can do everything in real-time, whereas our current advertising methods are costly and cumbersome.

CEO: Will digital signage satisfy and exceed our customers' expectations?

You: Yes! Digital signage provides easy access information about products and services, helping to influence the decision making process and keep them updated about what we're doing as a business.

The likelihood is that digital signage will move towards mobile interaction, enabling customers to communicate between digital signage and their mobile phone. We can present content to customers in an entirely fresh way that requires interaction from them and gives them a unique user-experience, not only meeting their expectations, but exceeding them.

You should also keep in mind that digital and mobile can go hand-in-hand to meet customer expectations. Recent research, conducted by the Pew Research Center in the U.S., found that 58 percent of phone users used them for recommendations, reviews or price comparisons based on messaging displayed by a digital sign.

Note: If digital and mobile are to co-exist, your digital signage project has to be audience centered right from the start. If it's of no benefit to them, your customers will give it no attention regardless of how much money you invest in it.

One example of an audience centered campaign would be using your digital signage to display QR codes, which can be scanned by a smartphone, pointing customers to a particular promotion. This links customer to business and informs that business that a customer is in the vicinity.

CEO: Have you researched the technology available?

You: Yes. To make sure we increase the ROI appeal, I've researched the diverse ways in which digital signage can be used. The technology available allows us to manage our messaging conveniently and remotely. 

We can set start and end dates for particular campaigns. We can stream videos, display social media feeds in real time and a digital signage enclosure can help to maximize the efficiency of our displays, allowing us to take screens outdoors to advertise, whatever the weather.

With an enclosure we can control temperatures and prolong the life of our digital signage network, cutting costs on maintenance, repairs or replacement. We will also reduce the risk of downtime.

The variety in technology means we can do so many things with digital signage. We can rent out units to generate revenue, we can streamline processes like reaching staff that have no access to emails or a smartphone, and we can cut costs by reducing paper use across our business.

CEO: What are the skills needed to implement a digital signage project?

You: We can assemble our own in-house team or request a supplier to install our digital signage network. I’ve covered everything from connectivity, right through to maintenance once we’re up and running.

IT skills, content creation skills and management skills will be required. I’ll be conducting a project analysis to determine any problems so that we can assign staff to find a solution based on their skill-set. If we don’t have the skills in-house, we can look to outsource certain aspects of the project.

Note: Showcasing your research will increase the chances of your CEO trusting you with the finance to fund a digital signage project.

CEO: What are the risks of investing in a project like this?

You: Honestly, a project of this magnitude does have an element of risk, but the risk is outweighed by the benefits. Perhaps the biggest risk is failing to establish relationship with smartphones and tablets, which can help to enhance our promotional efforts.  

Getting the digital and mobile balance correct would be a key objective in making our project successful.

If you're a manager, what objections are you facing from your CEO? Are there questions being asked we’ve not covered? If there is, let other readers know what it takes to get support for their project.

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