YouSpace launches human motion capture system for displays

YouSpace recently launched the first version of its human motion capture and recognition system for displays called the YouSpace Total Experience Kit. This kit features YouSpace's COAT AI algorithms, a one-year cloud service to the YouSpace Hub content management and data analytics tool, an Intel RealSense Depth Module 430 and a mini PC, according to a press release.

Users can interact directly with displays using the kit. They can, for example, sweep their arms across the screen to reveal different content. The YouSpace Hub then analyzes how many users walked by the display, how long they looked at the display and which content was the most popular, according to the release.

The COAT algorithms analyze user gestures and actions from depth sensors. YouSpace created a 3-D human-surface mapping model for this tool.

"The key idea is that the human body can become one more input to control machines, just like today you would use voice control or a keyboard. Our technology enables this in a way that any device with these capabilities can now react to human presence," Ralph Brunner, CTO, YouSpace, said in the release.

The company plans to launch a pilot smart fashion shop in China with this technology in late September, according to the release.

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