Top 5 digital signage stories: June 2018

| by Bradley Cooper
Top 5 digital signage stories: June 2018

Readers of Digital Signage Today kicked off the summer by reading stories on smart cities, corporate communication and how to measure digital signage ROI.

One top story last month tackled how smart cities are helping deliver improved quality of life for residents. For example, smart cities are using tools such as kiosks, digital signage and sensors to analyze traffic flows to improve services.

Another story analyzed how to effectively measure digital signage ROI, by looking at engagement, experience and other objectives.

You can read more on these topics by reading these top five stories for June 2018. They are posted in reverse order.

5. 3 ways digital signage can deliver improved communication at the workplace

If we are completely honest, we have to admit we regularly ignore or miss important emails. A study by The Radicati Group found that in 2015, the average employee sent and received 122 emails per day. The study also expected that number to increase to 126 emails by 2019. With so many emails flying back and forth, it's easy to see why that important email regarding a company get together or a change to the 401k can go unnoticed. Perhaps a better solution to this communication overload is to provide a more convenient source of information: digital signage. There are three key ways digital signage can boost communication in the workplace: convenience, interactivity and culture.

4. Smart cities deliver improved quality of life

Cities around the globe are adopting smart technologies. New York City, for example, deployed LinkNYC kiosks, which offer Wi-Fi services and advertisements to residents. Services such as these aren't just boosting Wi-Fi, they are also delivering improved quality of life.

3. 3 ways airports fly high with digital signage

Through embracing digital technologies, airports have been actively exploring the tools to further shape the delivery of their overall customer experience. With customer experience remaining the primary focus, airports are capitalizing on the opportunities to provide efficient messaging, real time information, personalized services and self-service. Airports are keen to discover what's next, as the digital revolution takes flight.

2. 5 future digital signage trends of 2018

2017 was an innovative year for digital signage, and 2018 promises to have even more going on. Both organizations and the public have embraced the digitalization of…well, everything…and they want more.

1. How to measure digital signage ROI

It is essential that you have a clear idea of what exactly you want your digital signage system to achieve. Is it to improve productivity? Increase event participation? Improve the guest experience? Boost online interactions? Your goal has to be relevant and measurable, and shouldn't be simply to give people information. Your objectives will determine both what you're going to show on digital signs and how you’re going to judge success, so they need to be well thought out.

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