3 ways digital signage can improve communication at the workplace

| by Bradley Cooper
3 ways digital signage can improve communication at the workplace

If we are completely honest, we have to admit we regularly ignore or miss important emails. A study by The Radicati Group found that in 2015, the average employee sent and received 122 emails per day. The study also expected that number to increase to 126 emails by 2019. With so many emails flying back and forth, it's easy to see why that important email regarding a company get together or a change to the 401k can go unnoticed. Perhaps a better solution to this communication overload is to provide a more convenient source of information: digital signage. There are three key ways digital signage can boost communication in the workplace: convenience, interactivty and culture.


An email inbox is a cluttered place filled with spam, important emails, advertisements and distractions. Digital signage, on the other hand, can deliver clear messages in a concise fashion, if done properly.

A business could deploy digital signage, for example, in the lunch room in clear sight of anyone sitting down or heating up their food. It could be used to advertise a key benefit, such as a health app, that an employee might not be aware of. A company could also use it to remind employees of key rules and regulations at the workplace.

Advertisers often measure the revenue per impression to examine how much impact an ad makes on its audience. In order to make more revenue, obviously the ad needs to create a large number impressions among the target audience. The same principle applies to corporate communication. Digital signage can help create more impressions among the audience to ensure that employees really get the message.


Digital signage also opens up the road to two-way communication and interactivity. For example, employees could submit accolades for colleagues or submit suggestions to increase productivity. This feedback could then be integrated as content into the displays.

It can be tempting to turn digital signage into a one-way communication tool, but this ignores a key opportunity for employees to truly interact with and improve the overall content. Employees could, for example, submit images from company or family events to share with the entire workplace. They could also provide wise or funny sayings to help get people through the Monday blues.


One final way digital signage can aid corporate communication is by building or improving company culture. As mentioned above, by encouraging employees to interact with the digital signage, they can help add to company culture.

If your company, for example, has a more laid back culture, employees could share funny memes on the displays or inside jokes. A company with a family orientated culture might regularly share baby photos or kids' sporting events.

By using digital signage as a true two-way communication tool, you have the opportunity to build a richer company culture that engages employees more than a barrage of emails.

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