VR experience brings the fear to laundry

| by Bradley Cooper
VR experience brings the fear to laundry

While it's true that the average consumer may not enjoy doing laundry, few would describe being frightened of the task. Whirlpool, a washing machine manufacturer, aimed to bring the fear to the laundry basket, with a VR game in MTR Hong Kong Station, China.

JCDecaux, an outdoor advertising company, teamed up with Whirlpool to craft the VR experience which consisted of a headset, a controller and a display, according to a post by JCDecaux. The game was designed to market Whirlpool's Smart Silence machine. When users play the game, they are confronted with a dark room, filled to the brim with washing machines.

In the room, the washing machines are staked on top of each other and they shaking and moving, while creepy music plays. One machine is even smoking in the corner. Players have to slowly walk on the floor to approach one washing machine at the very end of the room.

When the player finally makes it to that washing machine, they have to press a button for 'Smart Silence.' When they do this, the entire room collapses around them and only the washing machine remains.

"In the past, I didn't have the opportunity to play such a novel and interesting VR game," a user said a video from JCDecaux.

After completing the game, the display will showcase a QR code, which enables players to enter a contest to win a free Whirlpool Smart Silence machine.

It can be difficult to get users to download QR codes, especially with the low attention span of your average consumer. One way to get them to buy in is through interactive deployments such as this one.

"The idea that the QR code will drive engagement is not gonna happen," Rich Ventura, vice president of business development, NEC Display Solutions said in a previous story. "True engagement happens with interactivity."

You can watch the washing machines go insane in the membrane below.

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