Top 5 digital signage stories: December edition

| by Bradley Cooper
Top 5 digital signage stories: December edition

The holidays are over and winter has set in, but digital signage stories don't hibernate during the cold. The top stories last month examined key predictions for the future of digital signage in 2017 and beyond.

Other stories covered topics ranging from holographic displays that showed how a hospital used a 3D printed heart model to plan a surgery to digital signage coloring books. Another top story examined key trends for 2017. It's time to take a look back at the top five stories for Dec. 2016. The stories are posted below in reverse order.

5. Retailers can upsell with digital signage

Brick and mortar stores are struggling against online retailers. To succeed, retailers need to create strongly differentiated experiences. Retailers need to create an amazing, in person-experience. Digital signage can help create that experience.

4. Holographic display showcases life-saving 3D printed heart model

3D printing has moved beyond the realm of toys to life saving tools. Nicklaus Children's Hospital, part of the Miami Children's Health System, last year was treating a four-year-old girl who had her aorta wrapped around her heart. The hospital created a 3D printed model of the little girl's heart to plan a surgery. Thanks to the model, the hospital was able to more effectively handle the complex operation.

To celebrate the successful surgery, the hospital selected PM Screen, a RealFiction partner, to craft a 3D holographic display to tell the story of the 3D printed heart. PM Screen also worked with Formation, a design company, to create the story in 3D.

3. 8 near-future trends set to change out-of-home advertising

The out-of-home industry is set to evolve more rapidly over the next 18 months. The oldest advertising format has seen significant changes; mobile convergence, developments in digital platforms and data sources are changing industry perception.

2. Digital signage brings out the coloring book

JCDecaux, an outdoor advertiser, recently teamed up with Coca-Cola Amatil's brand Deep Spring to deploy a digital coloring book in Sydney and Melbourne, Australia. Users were able to color Zentangle patterns found in many coloring books on the DOOH display.

1. Digital signage future trends report sets the stage for 2017

The stage is set for a massive battle in 2017 as digital signage companies fight to provide smaller pixel pitches, bigger screens, better resolution, faster refresh rates and much more. As this battle rages, retailers, financial institutions and customers will begin to look at digital signage not just as an isolated deployment, but a complete customer experience solution. These are just a few of the trends on the horizon for 2017, which we explored in the 2017 Digital Signage Future Trends report.

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