Ford DOOH campaign soars into Paris airport

| by Bradley Cooper
Ford DOOH campaign soars into Paris airport

Most customers need to have a hands-on approach to get an idea of how a car looks before they decide to make a purchase. Often, only dealerships can give this sort of experience, but Ford recently found a way to give a "hands-on" experience with an interactive DOOH campaign.

Ford launched the interactive DOOH campaign to promote its EccoSport SUV. The car manufacturer teamed up with JCDecaux Airport Paris, a subsidiary of outdoor advertiser JCDecaux, to deploy multiple displays at Paris Aeorport-Orly, according to an announcement.

JCDecaux Airport Paris deployed multiple displays around the airport, featuring an image of the Ford EccoSport, which periodically changed colors to showcase the various color options. Other displays showed off videos of the EccoSport in action. The outdoor advertiser also provided an interactive display next to the actual car. Customers were able to use this car to virtually explore the car's interior.

In a video, potential customers were able to swipe through a 360-degree virtual interior of the EccoSport. They could also click on individual parts, such as the dashboard display to get more information on that part of the car, according to a video.

Customers could also select whether to see the car during the daytime or nighttime or in various weather conditions to get a view on the car's appearance during different conditions. Once they were finished looking at the interior, they could use the display to look at the various exterior color options for the EccoSport.

Ford also kept employees close to the display to help users interact with it, and to capture potential sales. After interacting with the display, customers could submit their contact information to an employee to follow up for further information about the car.

You can watch the campaign in action here.

JCDecaux Airport Paris also recently ran a campaign comparing the cost of living in various cities.

Image credit: JCDecaux video

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