DOOH campaign helps travelers compare cost of living

| by Bradley Cooper
DOOH campaign helps travelers compare cost of living

When deciding where to live, there are many factors to consider.

You need to consider how expensive services such as electric, internet, water and heat are in the area, in addition to how expensive actual housing is. You also have to consider the average cost of food and gas in the area. One DOOH campaign is attempting to provide better information by enabling travelers at Paris and Nice Airports to compare and contrast the cost of living of different nations and states.

Group Banque Populaire, a French banking group made up of 15 regional banks, teamed up with JCDecaux Airport Paris, an outdoor advertising company, to deploy interactive digital signage at the airport. The display enables travelers to compare the cost of living of more than 2,000 locations around the world.  

The display showcases two locations at once, which the user can select from a touchscreen dropdown menu. They can then select a certain service or product, such as clothes, drinks, movie tickets or apartments. The display will then show one image, spilt down the middle. The location with the higher cost will rise above the one with the lower cost.

The tool is designed to be useful for travelers by showing them how much on average they can expect to pay for key products such as an espresso or a taxi.

You can watch the DOOH campaign in action below.

Images via JCDecaux.

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