Digital signage top 5 stories: April edition

| by Bradley Cooper
Digital signage top 5 stories: April edition

Digital signage came driving through the restaurant industry last month, as readers devoured stories about McDonald's, Dunkin' Donuts, Dairy Queen and Subway. The top stories for April 2017 covered several topics in the restaurant industry, including customer experience, key digital signage lessons, and do's and don'ts for menu boards.

McDonald's shared key lessons at an event on its menu board deployment, and how it could have gone more smoothly, through tactics such as pushing key content to boards rather than requiring owners to handle it. Other top topics covered how digital signage can improve customer experience for millennials and how the corporate communication vertical is maturing.

It's time to take a look at the top five most read stories on Digital Signage Today for April. The stories are posted in reverse order.

5. Looking beyond the displays: Digital signage trends, Part 2

There were a large amount of impressive displays at the Digital Signage Expo. However, it's important to look beyond the flashy displays to examine the trends. Some of the trends included increased innovation in the QSR and corporate communications verticals as well as improved videowall technology.

4.  Dunkin' Donuts delivers digital signage customer experience

"If this was a drinking game I would be drunk by now with every time I say experience," Paul Murray, director of digital innovation at Dunkin' Brands, said at an event. The restaurant recently ran a pilot testing digital menu boards that could meet their customers' ever changing needs.

3. Subway and Dairy Queen share digital signage lessons

QSRs are deploying digital signage and kiosks at a much faster pace than before, as many look to boost customer experience through technology. However, it's easy to make mistakes when deploying digital signage in a QSR environment.

In a keynote presentation, Michael Dwyer, senior manager of digital marketing at Subway, and Jann Rider, director of digital merchandising at Dairy Queen, offered tips on a digital signage mistakes to avoid.

2. Digital signage content as a service delivers millennial customer experience

It is important for marketers today to leverage interactions to create a micro moment of influence. By making use of tools such as user generated content on social media, retailers can engage more deeply with millennial customers through methods such as displaying social media feeds on digital signage.

1. McDonald's shares menu board lessons

When McDonald's upgraded its traditional print menus to digital menu boards, it ran into a few challenges, such as regional owners having issues with national promos and an outdated GUI. Rich Cook, senior manager of U.S. IT restaurant solutions at McDonald's, shared how the restaurant overcame these challenges at a keynote session.

The issue, according to Cook, was not the technology, but communication.

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