Digital signage fires up football night

| by Bradley Cooper
Digital signage fires up football night

The NFL kicked off the 2016 season last week, inspiring DOOH advertisers to fire up their football digital signage campaigns. Advertisers have a lot of potential to attract consumer attention during football season, considering consumers spent $12.37 billion during Super Bowl 2015. The bad news for brands trying to win over the football lover is that there are thousands of messages competing for their attention. DOOH campaigns, however, can help nearly any brand make the most out of the football season.

Past and current campaigns

Several digital signage companies have taken advantage of football season to provide information for teams and advertising for companies. Clear Channel, for example, launched a DOOH campaign in Baltimore that provided a countdown until the Baltimore Ravens kicked off the 2016 season.

DOOH advertising can be a great boon for brands and football teams alike due to a growing trend of consumer exposure to DOOH. Areport in 2014 called, "Consumer Exposure to Digital Out-of-Home Media Worldwide 2014" found that consumers were exposed to 13 minutes of DOOH media in 2013, up 75 percent from eight minutes in 2008.  

Lamar Advertising Company has worked with several brands and teams such as Coke, Miller Lite and the Pittsburgh Steelers to launch signage campaigns. Lamar is currently working on a Miller Lite campaign called "Steelers Nation" which showcases the beer as the official sponsor of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

On the college football side, Coke Zero is teaming up with various colleges such as the University of Georgia and West Virginia University to encourage fans to "Savor the Win."

Some digital signage football campaigns also allow the viewers to get involved in more ways than simply drinking a Coke. In 2014, Lamar and Outfront Media ran a two-day campaign in Kansas City, allowing residents to upload photos from Kansas City Chief games to Instagram. Lamar then would select certain images to share on the digital billboards. This campaign was designed to use customer engagement to drive excitement for the upcoming football season.

"The campaign ran on 3 Lamar Digital panels (and one Outfront panel) in the Kansas City Metro area during 2014," Cydney Williams, digital strategist, Lamar said in an email. "The campaign was extremely successful.  Even the Mayor of Kansas City participated."

Keeping advertising best practices in mind

Football campaigns still need to follow the basic rules of advertising to get the most exposure. Companies need to pick the right locations to get the best gross advertising rating points possible. Companies have to do their research to get this right placement.

On a more basic level, companies also need to get the right content. If a DOOH football campaign has weak content, it will get blitzed by poor results.

 "With digital signage, content is more than king. Content is the castle the king resides in, the land the castle is built upon, the world in which the kingdom flourishes and the narrative of the king's tale," Brian Elles, senior product marketing manager at Mood Media said in a story.

Elles goes on to mention that digital signage campaigns shouldn't sell too much but rather should also offer information. For football campaigns, advertisers can offer the latest times and locations of the latest games, or showcase the latest draft picks. Football fans are more likely to listen to your message if you give them information on their favorite team.

 Football season is a goldmine for advertisers, businesses and T.V. networks. All you need is the right tools to get to the gold.

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