Digital signage 5 for 5: October 2017

| by Bradley Cooper
Digital signage 5 for 5: October 2017

Readers last month were interested in avoiding a Halloween digital signage horror story as they devoured stories on software, attract screens and installation tips. Users were also 'lovin' it' in October, as a top story examined McDonald's interactive bus shelter in Milan, Italy.

One story analyzed the complexities in digital signage software packages and how end-users can break them down to find the best solution. This process involves looking at compatibility issues, partnering with skilled providers and remembering to upgrade.

Another story offered tips on how to avoid "a digital signage horror story" such as a provider giving you a solution but then refusing to install it. These tips involved choosing the right location and orientation and planning every detail.

Let's take a look at the top five stories for October 2017. The stories are posted in reverse order.

5. 3 tips to ensure digital signage is successful in restaurants

Many restaurants are snatching up digital signage like candy in an effort to boost ticket sales and customer service. They are using them both indoors, outdoors and on tables to meet the needs of digital natives. That being said, simply deploying technology doesn't ensure success. If the restaurant can't figure out how to properly use the tool, or it doesn't engage guests, then it's a wasted investment. There are three things to keep in mind to ensure your digital signage is successful:

  • Logistics
  • End-user friendliness
  • Customer experience

4. 5 tips to avoid a digital signage horror story this Halloween

Imagine: Your new digital signage network arrives on time… great! An army of people unload your AV hardware. Your excitement builds as you anticipate the finalization of your digital signage project.

But wait, you suddenly find yourself asking: "What do you mean you're not going to install it?"

Before you know it the delivery team is getting back in their vehicle and they're driving away. You're left with an entire digital signage network with no installation team to install it. Oh, and you're also left with some explaining to do with the boss.

3. Can 'attract screens' lure in customers?

When retailers examine kiosks or digital signage, their first question is, "How will this attract customers?" Today's consumer isn't an easily impressed by fancy displays, so there needs to be some sort of hook to drag them over. Some retailers are using attract screens on their kiosks, displays and touchscreens to draw in customers with looping content.

2. I'm lovin' it in Italy: McDonald's launches delivery via interactive bus shelters in Milan

In order to advertise the launch of its McDelivery service in Italy, the golden arches launched an interactive campaign in Milan. The campaign featured an interactive bus shelter with kiosks, where users could order up a custom burger and have it delivered directly to them by a nearby McDonald's.

1. Digital signage software: Where to begin?

Digital signage seems like a simple tool on the outset since it's essentially a display, a player and software. However, getting all those tools to work together can be a real nightmare, especially when you throw in complex features such as content creation tools, 4K, 3D and others. It's important to do your research when selecting a software package, especially with so many possible features.

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