Digital signage 5 for 5: January edition

| by Bradley Cooper
Digital signage 5 for 5: January edition

The first month of 2017 is over, and we are already close to the beginning of spring. In January, readers of Digital Signage Today were interested in both the future and the past of digital signage.

The most read stories covered topics related to the most read stories of 2016, and three big questions for digital signage's future in 2017. Other stories covered topics such as customer experience innovation and sports arenas.

It's time to take a look back at the top five articles for January 2017. The articles are posted in reverse order.

5. 8 near-future trends set to change out-of-home advertising

This popular article examines the key ways the OOH industry is set to evolve. These trends include a vast increase in the number of digital screens, hyper targeting, real-time OOH trading, more intelligent OOH and more.

4. 5 digital signage trends driving customer experience innovation

To understand the various trends at play within digital signage, it's important to step back and understand where our market is heading. What's becoming clear is that "digital signage" as it was narrowly defined just a few short years ago is giving way to a much more immersive experience. It's not just about catching someone's eye with digital signage, it's about engaging people once you have their attention.

3. 4 ways digital signage can transform sports' arena experience

It's a competition with the couch. And, the competitor is fierce. Professional sports teams and venues are continuing to compete with inanimate objects in the average sports' fan's house: the couch and the home entertainment system.

To strike back at sofas across the country, stadiums and arenas are looking to up the ante for fan experience and engagement, so that an in-stadium experience is one-of-a-kind and not easily replicated by staying home. Digital signage needs to be a big part of the strategy for fan engagement and marketing in stadiums and arenas.

2. Top 10 digital signage articles of 2016

The top 10 most read stories of 2016 examined a variety of topics such as retail, content, menu boards and key market trends. Other topics examined touchscreen display costs, on-vehicle digital signage and digital billboard rates.

1. 3 questions on digital signage in 2017

The digital signage industry is mature, but it is also still experiencing growth spurts. Several key trends such as 4K and cloud-based content management are becoming more prevalent every day. However, we need to examine how widespread these trends really are, and if they are ready to explode in 2017.

Topics: 4K Ultra HD, Content, Content Management, Customer Experience, Trends / Statistics

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