Digital signage 5 for 5: April 2018

| by Bradley Cooper
Digital signage 5 for 5: April 2018

Digital Signage Today wasn't slowed down by any April showers last month, as the top stories examined key future trends such as Coca Cola's entry into the digital signage market.

Coca Cola has developed its own digital signage solution specifically to allow end users to boost sales and customer engagement with the brand. It also enables gamification, such as augmented reality basketball games with a virtual Coca Cola can.

Other stories last month covered topics ranging from cloud based digital signage to whether kiosks will dominate the digital signage industry. As digital signage becomes more interactive, the line between a kiosk and a display continues to blur.

It's time to examine these top five most read stories for April 2018. They are posted in reverse order.

5. Cloud based vs on-site digital signage

The participation age. That's how former Sun Microsystems CEO Scott McNealy describes the age of living in and benefitting from the cloud. Thanks to the rise of cloud based digital signage solutions, you now can add "you can deploy digital signs and information" to McNealy's list of what you can do via the cloud.

But should you? Should you rely on the cloud to store and deploy messaging? Should you let someone off-site store and host your information? Should you rely on information that is accessible via any standard web browser?

4. 4 ways AI is transforming digital signage

Digital signage is now a familiar site in the modern world. From displaying menus at restaurants to offering directions in a building, digital signage feeds audiences information in a dynamic way. But how much more valuable could this channel be? Can digital signage take on a role to personalize messages or respond to a situation in real-time? Yes, with help from artificial intelligence and deep learning.

3. Coca Cola bursts into digital signage

The Coca Cola Company is working to bring digital signage to its many suppliers through a mobile app known as Neko, developed with Google. Greg Chambers, global director of digital innovations, Coca Cola, gave a talk at the Digital Signage Expo at the Las Vegas Convention Center about how the beverage giant delivered this app, which focuses on a more holistic picture of digital signage and customer experiences. Chambers emphasized that companies looking at digital signage and experience should not look at digital as just a collection of parts, but rather as an entity.

"We need to stop looking at these systems, we need to look at it overall," Chambers said. "Your physical space is your platform."

2. Are kiosks the future of digital signage?

The biggest barrier to digital signage isn't a bigger screen, but rather a smaller one: the consumer's smartphone. It's hard for your display to be relevant to a customer when they have a more relevant Facebook page open on their phone. One way, however, for retailers to reach these distracted customers is to integrate interactive elements into digital signage. At that point, digital signage has crossed the border into the world of kiosks. Could kiosks be the future for digital signage?

1.5 future digital signage trends of 2018

2017 was an innovative year for digital signage, and 2018 promises to have even more going on. Both organizations and the public have embraced the digitalization of…well, everything…and they want more.

Some of these trends include: cooler displays; more responsive content; smart displays; more impactful narratives; and blurring of digital and physical.

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