Turkish grocery chain rolls out YCD digital signage

YCD Multimedia, a global provider of smart digital media solutions to the retail business world, recently announced that its digital signage software, C-nario Messenger, has been implemented in two leading Turkish supermarket and hypermarket chains: Migros and Macrocenter. Both chains belong to the Migros Turk Group. The displays were installed and are operated by Turkish digital platform provider Digiboard. C-nario Messenger was developed by C-nario, a company recently acquired by YCD.

The project includes 562 digital displays located in 12 Macrocenter stores and 34 Migros stores in ?stanbul, displaying eye-catching ads and attractingshoppers' attention. The displays are located in various areas of each store, such as the delicatessen, meat, fish, bakery and produce departments. Displays are also installed at the points–of-sale and in aisles, areas that offer an opportunity for high-impact advertising and impulse purchasing at the point of purchase.

All of the displays are centrally managed and controlled from Digiboard headquarters in Istanbul. C-nario's platform enables uploading and approving ads via the Web, resulting in a quick review and approval process with real-time updates.

"The displays serve as a very effective communication platform attracting shoppers to choose products that are promoted by the digital displays in various locations of the store," said Lazar Demisulam, Digiboard CEO, in the announcement. "We see more and more supermarkets and hypermarkets adopting digital signage as a key communication channel with shoppers."

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