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Company study finds sensory experiences boost sales by 10%

Mood Media has recently conducted a study entitled "Quantifying the impact of sensory market," which showed that sensory marketing techniques such as displays boosted sales for retailers by 10%. The company conducted a study in Intersport retail locations with one location using animated digital signage, music and the smell of freshly cut grass and another location with none of these elements, according to a press release.

Mood Media used the displays to track eye movements of customers and they found that awareness of the displays improved by 5% when there were moving animations on the screen rather than just static images. It also used Galvanic Skin Response metrics, which looked at how comfortable customers were in the store, which found that 17% of customers were more uncomfortable in a stimulant-free environment.

"Knowing that 78% of shoppers say an enjoyable atmosphere plays a key factor in purchasing a product in-store versus online, we partnered with Walnut Unlimited to develop unique behavioral and neuromarketing quantitative research that demonstrates how shoppers react first-hand to specific sensory experiences," Scott Moore, global CMO of Mood Media, said in the release. "The results speak for themselves. A strategic top-level approach to incorporating in-store sensorial elements creates a measurable emotional response with consumers that delivers bottom-line results."

Other findings include:

  • Shoppers had a 50% better emotional reaction when touching or interacting with a product.
  • Shoppers purchased 4% more items and 6% more higher priced items in the stimulating stores.
  • With the grass smell in the football area, Intersport saw a 26% increase in sales in that area.

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Companies: Mood Media

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