Colorado Rockies 'aim for the bleachers' with LED display

The Colorado Rockies, a Major League Baseball team, has partnered with Daktronics to install an LED display system at Coors Field in Denver, Colorado. Daktronics will finish the installation in time for fall 2018, according to a press release.

The LED display will measure 59 by 116.5 feet with a 13HD pixel layout. It will also feature more than 6.8 million LEDs for a total of 8,369 square feet. The field managers will be able to break down the display into different content zones to show multiple content types during games.

In addition to the LED display, Daktronics will also provide four LED ribbon displays measuring 3.5 feet high along the seating fascia. These displays will offer additional information and sponsorship messages.

"We're excited to continue our long-standing relationship with the Colorado Rockies and Coors Field with these display upgrades," Reece Kurtenbach, CEO and president, Daktronics, said in the release. "There's a large amount of engineering involved to create these large video systems, including the support structure to withstand the outdoor elements. Our team is always ready for these types of challenges as we continue to enhance the fan experience for our customers."

Topics: Advertising, Display Technology, Entertainment Venues, Installation / Integration, LED Signs, Outdoor Signage

Companies: Daktronics

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