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NEC partners with Canonical and Screenly for large format screens

NEC Display Solutions recently teamed up with Canonical, the creators of Ubuntu Core, and Screenly, a digital signage software company to deliver large format screens with dynamic content. Screenly will provide its Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3 digital signage platform...

Safe Zone: Using digital signage for public safety

Public transit remains a very safe form of travel, yet transit agencies must stay alert to the potential hazards and investigate new ways to prevent or detect them. Digital signage can help enhance transportation security and alert passengers to safety information in a faster, more streamlined way than static signage can.

Considerations for retail digital signage deployments

Digital signage represents one of the most promising technologies for kiosks. Yet the cost remains a prohibitive factor for many companies that potentially have much to gain by improving customer engagement via today's digital capabilities.

The Future of Digital Signage and Advertising

A quick-service restaurant can enhance customer engagement, increase sales and boost its brand image by focusing marketing efforts on four trends in digital signage and advertising: self-service kiosks, free Wi-Fi via mobile hotspots, simplified digital menu boards and implementing data-driven technology.

Mobile integration boosts digital signage

Retailers looking to purchase digital signage often worry that the 50-inch display won't be a match for the cell phone. One way integrators are addressing this issue is by adding mobile elements into digital signage.

Menu boards 101: challenges, pitfalls and more

Many restaurants are trading in dusty static boards for digital menu boards. It's obvious that menu boards are more popular than they used to be, but have we reached the tipping point of mass deployment? What challenges remain? And how do restaurants make them a success?

NEC now offering 5-year warranties on certain LCD displays

NEC Display Solutions of America is offering a five-year warranty on four of its P series LCD displays, which are used for digital signage in airports, restaurants, banks, command-and-control centers and more, according to a press release. The warranty will...

One display to go please: Digital signage at the drive thru

Digital signage isn't just for indoor menus, it is also entering the drive thru. What are the real benefits of digital signage at the drive thru and what are the potential downfalls?

Digital signage provides fuel for interactive outdoor kiosks

The expanding capabilities of digital signage, coupled with more economical software and equipment, are creating more opportunities for companies and organizations looking to engage consumers interactively in outdoor environments.

How to successfully incorporate new interactive technologies into the classroom

Duval County Public Schools needed something that was easy to operate and affordable enough to be standard across all classrooms, but that was also innovative enough to change the landscape of the classroom and create a more active learning space. They determined that touchscreen displays would meet.

NEC Display launches 4 projectors with higher brightness and longer life span

NEC Display Solutions of America has launched its P474W, P554W, P474U and P554U projectors designed to offer brightness ranging from 4,7000 to 5,500 lumens, according to a press release. These projectors support WXGA and WUXGA resolutions, and they come with...

NEC Display Unveils Three Entry-Level Desktop Monitors (Press Release)

CHICAGO Affordably designed for small-to-medium business, these updates now have more advanced features providing even greater performance NEC Display Solutions of America, Inc., a leading provider of commercial LCD displays and projectors, today announced the availability of AccuSync® AS224WMi, MultiSync®...

The Rise of the Huddle Room

Businesses today are moving away from large conference rooms and toward technology-based spaces where small groups can meet and share ideas. Instead of large conference rooms, companies are adopting the use of "huddle rooms" where small groups refine ideas for quick implementation.

Washington DOT Manages Traffic 24/7 Using Video Wall of NEC Displays

The Washington Department of Transportation outgrew it building and its roadway monitoring system. They realized not only did they need more space but they needed a technology upgrade as well. WSDOT knew it wanted a video wall on a larger scale for better monitoring and control.

Blazing a Trail: NEC's Displays Bring Data to Life in University’s New "Idea Incubator" Space

The Health Sciences Library at the University of Washington seeks to advance the healthcare fields through scholarship, research, education and access to information resources. It supports not just university faculty, researchers and students, but also a variety of other health professionals, libraries and researchers.

Making the Move to Immersive Retail

Retailers large and small have long relied on in-store advertising and signage to attract customers, promote individual products and product lines, and highlight sales and other offers.

How Screens Can Revolutionize the Restaurant Industry

With sales in the restaurant industry forecasted to reach $799 billion in 2017, there’s a huge opportunity for digitized solutions in any type of eatery, from QSR to fine dining.

NEC updates large screen displays with wake-on HDMI

NEC Display Solutions of America has updated its E-Series large screen displays with wake-on-HDMI. The display can now sense when an HDMI signal is present and automatically power on to that signal, according to a press release. NEC has also...

Hospital ships set sail with digital signage

NEC Display Solutions of America has donated more than 2,000 displays to Mercy Ships, a faith-based organization that performs surgeries on hospital ships. NEC will provide a variety of displays including video walls and touchscreens, according to a press release....

Is VR a threat or an ally to digital signage?

Virtual Reality isn't science fiction anymore. What does it mean for the digital signage industry? Is VR a friend or a foe?

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