Webinar addresses restaurant digital signage

Webinar addresses restaurant digital signage

So you're ready to take the dive into digital signage for your brand. Or perhaps you've already installed a system, and it's just not performing like you wanted it to. Well then, did you, or are you, planning to do any pilot testing? If so, do you understand how to approach that crucial data- and information-generating activity to identify the system and software that's best suited to your brand, warts and all?

If the answers to some of those questions are a bit unsure or even indefinite, it's worth your while to invest an hour of time in the free webinar, Pilot Testing Restaurant Digital Signage: The Only Way to Fly. It's 60 minutes chock-full of checklists, proven testing rules and a frank and revealing discussion with one brand about the lessons its leadership learned through the process of testing for a signage system that has ultimately been game-changing for that chain. 

You'll not only learn how to build a strategy for astutely testing this technology with your situations and locations, but how best to measure results to get the data your chain needs to truly make digital menu boards the business-enhancing wunderkinds they can be. This webinar will teach you how to identify which pre-deployment questions you need to answer, as well as the best approach to designing the most appropriate test for the analytics you need, and then apply test results to make the digital signage you choose work overtime. 

Join Freshens Senior Vice President Ed Redmond as he relays the brand's first-hand experience through this process during its dealings with digital signage and software solutions company, Allure. He is joined by Allure Operations Executive Vice President Doug Starr and Allure Senior Vice President of Marketing and Consumer Engagement Strategies George Yunis. Both men are old hands at all things related to digital menu boards and were actively involved in helping Freshens create a much stronger brand by pilot testing digital menu boards in an informed and informing way. 

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