Strategy, not content, is the key to corporate communication

Strategy, not content, is the key to corporate communication

Corporate communication has typically been the "redheaded stepchild" of the digital signage world, Jude Carter, vice president of marketing for The Marlin Company, said in a presentation at Digital Signage Expo. However, even as it has gained more acceptance, some misconceptions about successful corporate communication has remained.

In the past, users believed it was all about the hardware, but nowadays many believe that "content is king." Carter believes that in reality, a successful corporate communication signage deployment depends on strategy, not content.

"You can have very slick, very high end content that doesn’t do anything other than entertain," Carter said at the session. She also emphasized that even "half-baked content" can be successful with the right tactics. Carter gives a few key tips to help improve content strategy.

Start with the end in mind

Businesses need to ask the basic questions of who will run the system, why they are deploying digital signage and how they will measure success. Digital signage without this guidance will easily become just an expensive bulletin board, according to Carter.

One way to help with this process is to make sure you have the executives in your corner at all times. Another way is to directly consider your goals, such as improving communication with employees or increasing productivity. You also need to have clearly defined roles for the people who will handle the system.

Consider your audience

Carter recommended companies carefully examine their employees' needs. For example, if your workers are stressed out and distracted, they will likely ignore your digital signage. In order to reach them, you will need to interact with them in a way that is personal or amusing.

One way to learn your audience's needs is to conduct a communications assessment, such as a survey to see how your employees feel about the standards of communication in the company. From there, you can decide what type of content and strategy you need to pursue.

Select content that drives engagement

While information is important, Carter said, "You can't do data and safety all day long." Companies should engage employees through entertaining ways such as images of company events. Companies can also celebrate their employees such as showcasing their charity work, or past prom photos.

Carter also recommends that businesses use this entertaining information to draw employees' attention and then run information on a side panel with key information such as benefits.

Draw everyone in

While it is important to have the CEO on board, businesses should also draw other teams in to help with the digital signage. That way, every team from marketing to HR can bring their messaging and skills to the digital signage.

Carter also recommends to carefully examine your companies' abilities to see if you need to draw in outside help for content management, creation or other tools.

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