3 ways digital signage can help government services

| by Bradley Cooper
3 ways digital signage can help government services

Government services do not always have the best reputation, due to poor communication, long wait times and bad customer service. In a survey by DMV.com, 44 percent of respondents said they would rather go to the dentist than visit a DMV office. However, government offices can help improve communication, educate users about services and improve customer service with digital signage.

Improve communication

Poor communication can, at best, cause confusion and frustration with citizens. At its worst, it can be a life-or-death issue, especially if when it comes to emergency messages.

The New Jersey attorney general recognized the need for good communication and partnered with LatCor Media, a DOOH company, to run a campaign providing information and emergency messages with digital billboards.

"The screens significantly improve the safety of residents and visitors to our state," Paul Loriquet from the office of New Jersey attorney general said in an interview. "They can be utilized in real time to issue amber or silver alerts and public service announcements. We will also maintain the ability to effectuate a 'real-time' takeover of all screens (statewide or regionally), when necessary, in the event of an extreme emergency, terrorism activities, or an active shooter situation."

Educate consumers about services

Another issue is that many constituents simply do not understand what government services are available. Many times, a customer will visit one government office only to learn that they should have gone to another.

Government offices can use digital signage to keep constituents up to date on services offered, and to quickly spread the word about new laws and regulations.

The National Alzheimer's Association, a nonprofit organization, used digital signage for just this purpose.

"As a national nonprofit organization serving people across the country, we are continually looking for ways to make sure individuals are aware of the services we provide so that they can take advantage of them in their time of need," Chris Schneider, director of communication for the association, said in the release. "Being able to raise awareness of our services at highly trafficked locations along some of the most widely used roads in the Northeast region is extraordinarily beneficial, as is having the ability to change messages quickly to address timely needs."

Improve customer service

Of course, even if a facility can get its message across, customers still might be dissatisfied with the personal experience when they visit their local office. This is where governments can use digital signage and kiosks in tandem to improve customer service.

For example, government offices can use kiosks to reduce wait times by offering basic services, such as DMV renewals. The kiosk can make use of digital signage to attract customers to the device and teach them how to use it.

"Most people value their time more than anything," Terri McClelland, CEO of DynaTouch said in a story on Kiosk Marketplace. "So a kiosk that speeds up a customer service process will obviously improve the customer experience. Any service area where there are a lot of walk-in customers can benefit from a kiosk."

Digital signage, if used properly, can be just the right tool to turn a poor customer experience into a pleasant one, whether at a retail store or a government office.

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