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In ISE 2017, the main theme of Macroblock is Hawkeye 200 *1. Hawkeye 200 uses MBI5353 which has four advantages:

Advantage 1: superior image quality

The display with MBI5353 can not only solve seven challenges*2, but also keep high contrast without losing detail at low grayscale levels.

                                               Figure 1. Image quality comparison

Advantage 2: intelligent power saving

MBI5353 has intelligent power saving function that is designed for 24/7 operation applications, such as control room and retail. When there is no display of a block controlled by an MBI5353, this MBI5353 will automatically enter power saving mode. Based on experimental data, if the two displays are showing black, the one which enters intelligent power saving mode could reduce power consumption by 40%. 

Or in the application like a control room, as the image (Tram map of Amsterdam) shown below, the display which uses intelligent power saving can decrease power consumption by around 20%. 

(Display Spec.: P1.25/27s/480*270 pixels) 

                                   Figure 2. Demonstration of power saving effect

Advantage 3: adjust brightness without losing grayscale and keeping white balance

As for the rental application, displays need to adjust brightness according to the ambient light. Compared to the traditional way of sacrificing grayscale to adjust brightness, the brightness adjustment module*3 of MBI5353 can maintain grayscale and keep white balance. The user interface is quite friendly and users just need to drag the bar (circled in the red) to select the proper brightness level.

                                      Figure 3.  20% Brightness, 1/200 shutter speed
  The left one uses grayscale data to adjust brightness and appears grayscale loss phenomenon


Advantage 4: simple routing on PCB layouts

One MBI5353 can drive same pixels as three MBI5153, and it helps to facilitate PCB layout and decrease total cost. 

                                                   Figure 4. PCB layout comparison

Note 1:Please refer to technical article: Establishing High Definition Product Characteristic and User Experience with the Hawkeye Solution Platform
Note 2: Please refer to technical article: Fine Pitch LED Display Possible Problems and Driver IC Solutions
Note 3: Please refer to technical article: Analyzing Methods for Adjusting LED Display Brightness


Topics: Digital Billboards, Display Technology, Outdoor Signage

Companies: Macroblock, Inc.

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