Nfusz drops the mic with DOOH rap battles

Nfusz Inc. has partnered with Rap Grid to push its rap battle show, "Who Got Bars," to computers and displays. Customers can interact with the show through in-show voting and integrated ecommerce, according to a press release.

Each episode of the online on demand show brings on 12 rappers from Los Angeles for a bracket-style competition. The episodes air on Fridays at 9 PM Pacific Time, and users can purchase on demand card on Rap Grid's website to watch the event online via desktop, smartphone or smart TV. Nfusz's Notifilive and NotifiTV technologies will allow the show’s advertisers to sell their products during the rap battle, which will help boost overall ROI, according to the release.

"We're thrilled to showcase nFusz's truly engaging interactive video production of Who Got Bars, where viewers can actually vote for their favorite rappers, chat on-screen with other viewers and even purchase merchandise, all in the video, and all in real time," Gray Gannaway, co-founder, Rap Brid, said in the release. "Nfusz's notifiTV technology is a real game changer. Today's viewers want to do more than simply sit back and watch; they want to be engaged, they want to participate, to interact, and become part of the show. We look forward to incorporating it into more of our programming."

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