Digital signage leveraging beacon tech to boost shopper loyalty

Jan. 7, 2015

Digital media company Industry Weapon and store-of-the-future technology implementations firm Storeworks will showcase a new beacon-based communication solution for retailers looking for effective targeted marketing and personalized brand experiences, the companies have announced.

The solution leverages Bluetooth Low Energy technology, Industry Weapon's CommandCenterHD platform and Pivot by Storeworks' BYOD mobile app, to engage shoppers with relevant communications on both digital signage and their personal mobile devices. The companies will showcase the solution at next week's National Retail Federation Retail's BIG Show.

With the solution, shoppers will be exposed to dynamic content designed specifically for their buying habits based on consumer intelligence. No longer are shoppers bothered by fruitless communications intended for limited buying personas, the companies said.

"Low Energy Bluetooth beacon technology provides our customers with an excellent opportunity to tailor their digital signage content to be even more relevant to the consumer," Industry Weapon Director of Client Services Christian Armstrong said in the announcement. "The result provides the consumer with a greater affinity to the customer's brand."

And, the companies say, brand affinity is not to be taken lightly: According to Gartner Group, 80 percent of a retailer's future revenue will come from just 20 percent of its existing customer base.

"By focusing on and rewarding their most loyal customers, retailers have the potential to save millions in wasted marketing efforts chasing someone with zero brand loyalty," Storeworks Technologies President Troy Stelzer said. "Utilizing the rich data of a robust loyalty program and our Pivot BYOD app, in conjunction with BLE technology, retailers can focus their efforts on those guests that truly impact their bottom line and give them a one-of-a-kind experience that reinforces loyalty to their brand."

The technology works in a multi-faceted system: Shoppers enter the store with the retailer's opt-in app pre-loaded onto their mobile device. Beacons, placed strategically throughout the store, engage the mobile app via Bluetooth as shoppers cross over invisible thresholds. The smartphone communicates the beacon's ID number to the phone, prompting the device to communicate with the in-store POS server. The POS in turn responds by triggering targeted content to in-store digital signage while simultaneously presenting a tailored offer to the shopper's mobile devices.

Industry Weapon and Storeworks will debut the new solution in the HP booth at the National Retail Federation show, Jan. 11-14 in New York City. 

Topics: Mobile Interactivity, Retail

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