Digital signage integrates Instagram for Sydney arts festival

Sept. 21, 2015

A new digital signage product from an Australian firm delivered more than 2,000 Instagram images to the digital signage screen in The Living Mall in Sydney's Central Park during the Beams Arts Festival on Sept. 19, according to an announcement from OFA Marketing Production.

The new digital signage product was doohfa, a Web-based product developed by Australia's OFA designed to provide off-the-shelf dynamic content for digital out-of-home networks.

The cloud-based platform was used to curate 371 unique Instagram images of the 478 submitted in the Beams Arts Festival Instagram Competition on the night, and integrate them immediately for display on the digital signage screen in The Living Mall.

"There were nearly 500 Instagram posts with the competition hashtag during the five-hour event – well over one post a minute," said Neice Waddington, OFA's operations director, in the announcement. "We used doohfa to curate over 77 percent for immediate display on The Living Wall. The imagery looked fantastic on the 15-meter digital screen. And it was so interesting to see the festival represented from the perspective of festivalgoers, within minutes of the festival unfolding."

Doohfa was developed to provide DOOH networks a simple way to deliver the benefits of social media integration to their clients, and leverage other advantages of digital display networks, the company said.

"This activation delivered nearly 10 percent more Instagram followers to Beams in a five-hour period, and 35 percent more Instagram activity around this one hashtag alone," said Dave Petschack, the company's managing director. "With doohfa, this type of DOOH Instagram activation is now off-the-shelf – it's easily transferable to other digital screen networks and scalable for more screens."

Doohfa also was developed independently to overlay DOOH network ad scheduling systems to the advantage of both the networks and their advertisers, so brands can manage their content across multiple DOOH networks from the one Web-based dashboard, the company said.

"We were able to curate the Instagram content into dynamic playlists using a tablet from wherever we were during the festival," Waddington said. "The content manager wasn't chained to a desktop, and the digital display tech team didn't have to lift a finger. Doohfa really taps into the immediacy and dynamism of digital display networks."

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