Can VR-activated meditation help reduce stress?

iGotcha Media, a digital interactive studio, has launched WellVR, a stress management VR solution. It is designed to help users relax and meditate by showing them various VR environments, such as beaches, mountains and caverns, according to a press release.

The solution uses a HTC Vive virtual reality headset and a Muse "brain sensing" headband. The headband measures a user's brain signals and transforms them using AV input. For example, if the user is relaxing, the ambient sounds in the VR environment will slow down the images will become clearer. This is designed to help guide a user through meditation.

“It is widely accepted that meditation can reduce stress," Greg Adelstein, president, iGotcha Media, said in the release. "Furthermore, this type of application can improve focus and performance. Startup Fest was an ideal venue to unveil WellVR because it is home to a community of early adopters. The feedback that we received from users was overwhelmingly positive. WellVR is still in its early stages of development. It is very powerful because it offers virtually limitless flexibility to be tailored to individual needs and preferences."

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