Barix releases audio digital signage update for multichannel streams

Barix, an audio over IP company, plans to release a free firmware update to its audio signage solution. This upgrade will allow users to stream multiple audio tracks to one or multi-screen digital signage deployments, according to a press release.

Barix's platform is designed to deliver audio from digital signage to phones over Wi-Fi. With the firmware update, users can deliver multichannel streams through the Barix Exstreamer Store & Play unit rather than a PC.

"Consider the case of a museum with three digital signage displays running, each with a unique audio track that is transmitted via Wi-Fi to mobile phone users," Reto Brader, Barix vice president of sales and marketing, said in the release. "The museum previously would have to buy and use a Linux PC to enable the delivery of channel information to the mobile app in order to give access to all three audio streams via Wi-Fi, costing a minimum of $1,000. Now, all they need is an Exstreamer Store & Play loaded with the new, free 'Barix Audio Signage Info Server' firmware. With this new approach, the museum can provide multi-channel support for around $300 per installation, and will no longer require a PC in the system—greatly enhancing robustness and reliability."

The system is also designed to send audio streaming with low latency to ensure synchronization with the content on the digital signage. This also makes it useful for multi-lingual conferences, according to the release.

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