Maximize productivity and motivation in the workplace with digital signage

June 5, 2015 | by Celia Anderson
Maximize productivity and motivation in the workplace with digital signage

Connected employees, not just customers

Keeping your employees connected is just as important as enhancing customer experiences. In addition to offering a canvas for unlimited internal communications, internal digital signage can help to build staff morale, maximize productivity and enhance employee motivation.

Despite cost being one of the main barriers to the adoption of digital signage in a corporate environment, digital signage can reap multiple benefits in the workplace. The McKinsey Global Institute reveals that engaged employees improve productivity by 20-25 percent in organizations, and the potential for revenue is around $1.3 trillion per year.

What content would I display?

With the right digital signage solution, the opportunities are endless:

  • Implement department-specific screens around the office; display tasks lists and project updates to project/account managers and deploy incentivized sales targets to screens that are visible to your sales and marketing departments;
  • Deploy inspirational quotes or daily achievements in real-time to encourage motivation in the workplace;
  • Advertise social events and internal activities;
  • Integrate a live weather or news feed;
  • Corporate information;
  • Staff education;
  • Business wins and new product information; and
  • Cleaning rotas and reminders.

What should I look for in a digital signage CMS?

  • Is it cloud-based? Choosing a cloud-based content management system means that no one will have to download software onto their work PCs. Anyone with Internet access will be able to log onto the CMS.
  • Does the signage creation tool seem intuitive? Look for a CMS that comprises a simple and intuitive signage creation tool. Although this seems pretty obvious, you need to ensure that the department responsible for managing the content of all your internal screens will be able to create and edit content with ease.
  • Can you create playlists and schedules? With playlist and scheduling tools, you can create multiple signage playlists for the week ahead so that your screens are maintaining themselves.
  • Can you assign lock assets? Ensure brand governance by choosing a CMS that allows you to lock assets and assign user roles.
  • Can you deploy signage globally? If you've multiple offices dotted around the globe, this is an obvious necessity. Zone-based deployment will allow for dynamic content creation per screen, not just by location.

Who would manage the content?

Managing the content on your internal screens doesn't have to be laborious — it's enjoyable and can be less time-consuming than you may think.

Create a signage content timetable and allow others to contribute their ideas. Following approval, provide a department(s) with the responsibility of creating and managing the content. And, to ensure that your screens are regularly updated, why not assign a couple of hours per week (or month) to create new content and add it to a weekly schedule?

Speaking from experience

Here at the SignStix HQ, we use numerous digital screens including a 4K video wall in the main café area for internal communications and incentives. Using a dayparting feature, we've also set up a playlist that deploys relevant content at specific times during the day such as welcome messages and end of day reminders.

We've also installed screens in our international offices to ensure everyone in the business has visibility of any internal news and updates.

"Following the installation of our international digital signage estate, we've continued to see a huge increase in employee engagement and satisfaction," said our HR manager, Fiona Rule. "The CMS allows anyone in the business to create content whilst giving marketing the ability to lock down assets for brand governance. This is a huge benefit for us."

Final thoughts

Investing in a digital signage platform for internal communications is a worthy investment, especially for organizations with multiple international offices.

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Celia Anderson
Celia is the Digital Marketing Assistant for SignStix, a multiple-award-winning digital signage platform. She is a creative marketer with a passion for helping retailers enhance their online and in-store experiences through digital technology. wwwView Celia Anderson's profile on LinkedIn

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