3 ways IT certifications can improve your digital signage career

| by Tom Jones
3 ways IT certifications can improve your digital signage career

I'm lucky enough to be employed at my current employer for 18 years and can honestly say I have loved 95 percent of it!  One of the reasons I attribute to my continued happiness is my employer sees the value in continuous education and allows me to pressure it regularly! One thing I can say with surety is certifications play an important part of my career, and any IT professional's career who is serious about their craft understands the value in continuous education.

I humbly submit that obtaining IT certifications (especially in specialty areas like digital signage) has several benefits.  Certifications can not only help you secure employment, it can help you rise in the ranks of the workforce to become a trusted adviser and if you're in management or leadership role, having certified experts on staff will help create a clear differentiator from your competition and ultimately place you in a position to not only retain top talent but outperform your competition at the same time.

Below are three reasons to get certified, so let's get started.  

If you're hunting for a career, certifications provide you with an edge.

The employment landscape over the past few years has been a mixed bag of news! While it's reported in the US around 40 percent IT firms do have job availability (and are actively recruiting candidates), it's also stated that finding individuals with a strong set of mixed skills is a top priority. Another top concern is locating individuals with expertise in emerging technical fields and I certainly believe digital signage still counts as emerging! The more specialized the field the more specific the training needs to be, and in the niche of digital signage, there are several training courses.

If you're a manager or business owner, you can retain talent and perform at your best.

One of the biggest struggles business leaders have in day-to-day life is keeping and retaining top talent. Did you know new employees are 42 percent more likely to stay with an organization when receiving the training they need to do their job properly, and 84 percent of employees in best-performing organizations report they are receiving the training they need for their job? Once your associates have certifications, don't forget to recognize and leverage their expertise as 25 percent of IT professionals believe their employer do not utilize their talent to the fullest extent.

Certifications help you go "deeper" and "wider" as a subject matter expert.

As you grow your digital signage knowledge, you quickly begin to see that that in you don't know what you don't know!You start to see that all displays are not created equally; the nuances between "good" and "bad" content can be subtitle but and not understanding the "why" implementing the correct into larger digital signage deployment can be a daunting task. Expanding on your base knowledge beyond the basics with advanced such as Certified Technology Specialist (CTS), Digital Signage Networks Expert (DSNE) or Digital Signage Displays Expert (DSDE) will not only help your base, it will help you to grasp the finer of digital signage.

Added bonus reason, IT Trainings helps keep your saw sharp.

Stephen R. Covey saved the best for last. In the book "7 Habits of Highly Effective People". Number 7 strongly advocates sharpening the metaphoric saw (i.e. you) through planning and continuous improvement. We all have busy lives and sometimes struggle to squeeze in as tool, continuous improvement in this field.

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Tom Jones
Tom Jones is the ProAV/Digital Signage Tech Consultant for Ingram Micro. He is a 28-year veteran in the IT industry and is the only individual authorized in IT distribution authorized for instructing the Digital Signage Experts Group certifications. wwwView Tom Jones's profile on LinkedIn

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