Pharmacy kiosks deliver digital signage advertising

Pharmacy kiosks deliver digital signage advertising

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As self-serve kiosks become more interactive, retailers are finding new opportunities to target digital media messages to consumers and in some cases, reap advertising revenues. Taking advantage of these opportunities requires an education in the evolving digital advertising technology.

Pursuant Health, which operates approximately 3,500 self-service health screening kiosks in retail pharmacies, recently integrated a platform to upgrade its media players and ad serving software on its kiosks, according to Stephanie Myers, vice president of advertising sales.

The pharmacy partnered with Vistar Media, a digital media services provider that uses data-driven technology to provide insights into audience movement patterns.

With this new integration, the pharmacy chain is leveraging Vistar Media's full software solution, including its player software, Cortex, and its digital-out-of-home ad server, which allows retail and health focused advertisers to place orders programmatically. 

Using patented geospatial technology, Vistar Media gives marketers the ability to reach consumers across multiple digital screens.

Digital media evolves

Prior to working with Vistar Media, Pursuant Health used an inhouse ad server to deliver ads to the two screens on its in-store kiosks. 

"We know that the DOOH industry is evolving, and as demand grows for programmatic buying opportunities, we wanted to have the tools, ad serving capabilities and measurement solutions needed to accept business through new channels," Myers told Kiosk Marketplace. "This improved connectivity allows Pursuant to better serve consumers with the types of health focused messaging they would typically look for inside retail pharmacies."

Pursuant Health began researching DOOH players and ad serving software providers in late 2017, and first met with Vistar Media at the Digital Place Based Advertising Association's Video Everywhere Summit. They soon conducted a pilot test on several kiosks.

In February, Pursuant Health completed the software integration for all the digital screens on top of its kiosks, and is scheduled to complete the integration for the user-interactive touchscreens by mid April. 

"This opens the door for more robust ad delivery across a variety of public facing kiosk networks," said Eric Lamb, Vistar Media's director of publisher solutions. He said Pursuant Health's unique inventory is relevant to a wide range of advertisers that are interested in reaching consumers at the point of purchase and when they are engaged with their health.

Vistar Media offers advertisers the ability to target by zip code, Designated Market Area, as well as custom-defined geographic areas, Lamb said. 

Those advertisers working directly with Pursuant Health can create custom packages of inventory across specific store locations. 

Unique audience metrics

Using location data, Vistar Media is able to identify the audience that was exposed to a campaign, and tie that audience to real world impact through brand studies, foot traffic studies and sales lift measurement, Lamb said. 

"Our measurement solutions include conducting brand studies to measure brand awareness, consideration and purchase intent; foot traffic studies; as well as sales lift measurement for certain product categories," Lamb said. Product categories include consumer packaged goods and automotive accessories.

"With Pursuant taking advantage of ad targeting based upon real-time user feedback and engagement on its kiosks, this is a unique application of our ad server," Lamb said. 

Pursuant Health first launched its health screening kiosks in 2011. The company custom builds its machines, which are FDA-approved Class II medical devices.

Kiosk expansion continues

Around 2,750 of Pursuant Health's 3,500 retail kiosks are presently located in Walmart stores, Myers said, adding that the company recently signed an agreement to expand the kiosks to all Walmart stores nationwide.

Pursuant Health's current network is within 10 miles of 79 percent of the U.S. population and has delivered over 165 million screenings. 

"Pursuant Health provides consumer health and wellness advertisers the ability to deliver their message to consumers at the precise time they are engaged with their health," Myers said. "For brands sold inside the store, this is the last opportunity to educate and influence consumers before they make a purchasing decision."

Unique health assessments

Pursuant Health kiosks provide an interactive image-based health risk assessment that delivers a "health age" to the user that estimates the user's biological age based on health habits and biometrics. The assessment calculates age, gender, weight, body mass index, blood pressure, pulse and other questions. It is designed to take only four to five minutes on the touchscreen kiosk.

The company recently added retinal screening capabilities to the kiosks, hoping to prevent 95 percent of avoidable vision loss cases with early detection.

"Pursuant Health is very unique, as we are providing Americans free access to several important health screenings, and based on data collected from each user's session, we are able to deliver information and recommendations to that individual in real-time," Myers said. "It's a very powerful tool because anyone can use a Pursuant Health kiosk. We can reach people who potentially cannot access or will not visit a doctor." 

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