Digital signage powers license plates

| by Bradley Cooper
Digital signage powers license plates

For operators of driver fleets, there are a great number of tools they need to have in place. They have to be able to handle tolls, registration and license plate costs, not to mention making sure their drivers have up-to-date licenses. One company called Reviver saw an opportunity to automate all these processes by crafting a digital signage powered license plate that offers automation and company messaging.

Known as the rPlate, it is designed with a 6-inch by 12-inch LCD display from Advantech. The screen is designed to be anti-reflective to ensure visibility in poor weather. Neville Boston, CEO and founder of Reviver, saw this tool as a "revolutionary" way to automate registration for car fleets, among other tasks.

When the car is legally parked, companies can push out messages from the license plate. "The ability to do messaging is tied to the business and pushing out owner content," Boston said in an interview. Boston says this is ideal for utility businesses that need to inform companies to call them before digging to avoid hitting power lines. By pushing this message to parked vehicles, they can more easily inform would-be diggers to prevent damage.

Even when the car is parked and displaying messages, "The license plate number is always visible in the upper right hand corner," Boston said. The screen can also be used to deliver emergency messages such as weather alerts, according to a press release.

"The rPlate is the first ever 'fifth screen' or digital signage platform to grace the back of a vehicle and can be installed as an aftermarket product or seamlessly integrated directly into the design of the vehicle," Allan Cooper, partner, Reviver, said in the release. "It can display hyper-local targeted messages to a captive audience when a vehicle is legally parked in any location. One example is the opportunity for auto retailers to use the rPlate to display customized messaging - such as the brand they sell, a lease payment specific to vehicle models, or a sponsored community event or charity on service loaner vehicles and company vehicles."

The rPlate is also designed with a variety of tools such as:

  • GPS;
  • Accelerometer;
  • RF sensors;
  • Storage; and
  • CAN bus access.

Reviver also provides an online portal for users to register the vehicle, so they don't have to visit their local driver's motor vehicle office.

"We have an interface with the DMV. A customer of ours can go in and register the vehicle," Boston said.

Boston sees this technology as an ideal tool for autonomous self-driving cars that helps automate the process needed to register fleets. "When you think about the services of autonomous vehicles, our product is paving the way," Boston said.

The product has currently been approved for use in California and Florida, and also has preliminary approval from Arizona's DMV. Reviver is also looking at getting the product approved in Texas this year. The company is also looking at Michigan, Oregon, Virginia, New Jersey, Nevada and Utah as potential states for its digital signage solution.

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