Digital signage, blockchain head to the restroom

| by Bradley Cooper
Digital signage, blockchain head to the restroom

Digital signage now really is everywhere, as one company, VODXS, has created a digital signage solution for point-of-sink. The company developed a Visual On Demand Experience Solution Faucet with an integrated display that can detect users and display content when they go to wash their hands in a restroom. The solution also uses blockchain technology to confirm the user impression.

Advertising in the restroom

"The digital faucets provide unprecedented insight for advertisers. By utilizing multiple radio technologies such as bluetooth and WiFi, the faucets can detect the presence of a person (or rather, their mobile device(s)) and their relative proximity to the faucet," Alex Mardikian, CIO and board member, VODXS, said in an email.

The display can play videos, jpgs or flash content to customers. The spokesperson believes a key value proposition of this device is that customers are captive audiences when they are washing their hands.

The device provides "a competitive advantage, consumers' undivided attention, while serving verified and audited advertisements on the clean side of the bathroom/common area wash areas."

Underlying blockchain technology

The key underlying technology in the VODXS faucet is blockchain. The blockchain is essentially a decentralized ledger that can securely record immutable data. The faucet itself takes the impressions and interaction data from a person washing their hands and records that data on the blockchain.

"Every VODXS faucet is connected directly to the blockchain, and as soon as this presence is noted, the faucet puts this information into a transaction on the network. Nodes pick up these user presence indicators and validate whether the indication is likely to be confirmed," Mardikian said.

The blockchain platform also uses AI to identify ineffective or fraudulent ads with "real time monitoring of user interactions."

Advertisers can use this platform to examine real-time data on their campaigns' overall effectiveness.

These displays don't just offer benefits to advertisers, according to Mardikian, they can also help improve restaurant business by using 70 percent less water due to automatic turnoff, and they can also help improve employee cleanliness.

Improving hygiene

One big problem with restaurants is that it is difficult to enforce a hand washing policy with employees. They can put up signs reminding employees to wash their hands, but there's no guarantee they will listen. VODXS can help solve this issue by detecting if an employee washed his or her hands.

"The faucet's user presence technology is able to verifiably report to the employer that their staff member entered the restroom at a certain time, but didn't come within close enough proximity to the faucet to have washed their hands," Mardikian said.

The technology can also measure if an employee washed their hands for a long enough period of time, or whether they just splashed their hands in the water. Restaurants can then use this data to handle repeat offenders. The spokesperson said this technology could also be used in the healthcare industry.

"Hospital staff generally all use RFID tags or cards to enter different areas of their hospital. The faucet is able to detect the RFID signal and provide important feedback to management to prevent the spread of diseases within the community," Mardikian said. "From advertisers to restaurant owners and hospital management, this decentralized blockchain verification system provides comfort that the data they are receiving is independently verified, genuine factual reporting."

If you are interested in more information about the blockchain, check out Blockchain Tech News.

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