Digital signage 5 for 5: November edition

| by Bradley Cooper
Digital signage 5 for 5: November edition

Thanksgiving may be a time for family meals, but this month our readers had their favorite restaurants in mind, as stories about digital menu boards and restaurants claimed the most clicks. The top stories also covered topics such as OOH trends and how to handle 4K challenges.

One story this month tackled how digital signage in restaurants can actively boost customer experience. Digital signage isn't just a fun tool to dazzle customers; it should also actively improve their experiences. Another story covered the digital menu board hype and examined if it deserves its current reputation.

It's time to take a look back at the top five most read stories in November for Digital Signage Today. The stories are posted in reverse order.

5. Creating better restaurant experiences with digital signage

It's not enough to simply throw up a digital signage menu without putting some thought into the process. You need to think how the deployment will improve customer experience and deliver a strong ROI.

4.Tackling 3 challenges of interactive 4K digital signage

Touch sensors are increasingly being integrated into 4K and other UHD displays to create immersive, interactive viewing experiences. But understanding and knowing how to overcome the common technical hurdles of 4K touch displays is essential for any successful installation.

3. Digital signage powers corporate communications

You've spent all this money on a digital signage system, and put in many hours of work to craft attractive, succinct and informative messages. So how do you know that your efforts are working? If you haven't been using digital signage for corporate communications, think about doing so – it saves time and money, and makes everything run smoother.

2. 8 near-future trends set to change out-of-home advertising

From greater beacon adoption to more intelligent OOH software, we have several key trends on the horizon. The industry is set to evolve more rapidly than before over these next 18 months.

1.Digital menu boards: Overhyped or beneficial?

The food industry is split on digital menu boards. Some view them as a key component of their strategy, whereas others view them as too expensive and too risky. With this in mind, we need to consider the real value of digital menu boards and how long it takes before they earn back their cost.

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