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Burger King gets frosty with DOOH

| by Bradley Cooper
Burger King gets frosty with DOOH

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When it comes to advertising, the most difficult task to reach customers at the right time with the right message. Even if your target audience might resonate with your message or products, they might not be in the right mood for your advertisements, or the current conditions might not be suitable. For example, if you are advertising sunscreen on a rainy day, people aren't going to be interested!

Digital signage, however, can help solve this problem by delivering content that responds to external triggers such as the weather. Burger King recently tried its hand with a dynamic campaign to promote its Oreo Shakes brand in Poland as part of a Shake'o'meter initiative.

The QSR was aiming to increase sales of its Oreo Shakes, but it needed a campaign that could respond to weather conditions so it turned to Screen Network to deliver the campaign in Poznan and Warsaw. In order to boost sales, the QSR delivered advertisements with varying prices depending on the temperature. When the temperature was higher, the cost of the shake would drop dramatically all the way down to zero dollars during blisteringly hot days!

The price of a shake depended on the current temperature near selected screens. When the thermometers showed over 77-degrees Fahrenheit, the shake cost 5.99 PLN($1.55). However when the temperature reached above 86 and 95 degrees Fahrenheit — frozen drinks were available respectively for $1.29  and $0.77," Damian Rezner, head of Think DOOH division and CINO, Screen Network, said in an email. When the summer got tropical and the thermometer showed 104-degrees Fahrenheit and more - the shakes at Burger King were available for free!"

Residents would not need to check the temperature themselves as LED displays located next to the restaurants would automatically showcase the temperature along with updated prices and advertisements.

The campaign reached 8 million people and generated product awareness/sales increase of 13%, according to Rezner.

However, the campaign was not without its challenges. One was that at times the weather was not as hot as initially forecasted.

"We had some forecasts but we couldn’t be sure they would be right. Unfortunately, the weather was terrible and our clients couldn’t benefit high discount according to the promotion rules, but still we benefited in sales growth of the category and awareness," Zuzanna Kilar, marketing specialist for Burger King Poland operator Amrest, said in an email.

Amrest was initially running the temperature shake campaign on social media, which Screen Network saw and proposed a DOOH version of the campaign.

"The Shake'o'meter was just two weeks activation, and DOOH worked perfect to build broad awareness of the promotion," Kilar said.

Burger King Poland plans to include more DOOH campaigns in the future, due to the overall success of the Shake'o'meter intiative.

"It was the first time when we used DOOH, but we see big potential in it especially for such campaigns as Shake'o'meter," Kilar said. "The results of campaign are really impressive so we are planning to include DOOH in our future media plans mainly because it is more flexible than traditional printed OOH and easily manageable."

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