Aug. 1, 2017 | by Bradley Cooper

As humans, we are naturally drawn to stories, whether they are in books, movies or video games. But, how do retailers tell a story? The most common tendency is to simply give the facts about a product or service without really telling a story about them. Panelists at the recent ICX Summit addressed this topic and how to create profitable narratives.

David Drain, senior vice president of events, Networld Media Group, moderated the panel, which consisted of Ed King, vice president of strategy, MaxMedia; Christiana DiMattesa, senior retail marketing manager, Under Armour; and Jaime Bettencourt, senior vice president of premier sales and account management, Mood Media.

Bettencourt emphasized the importance of making customers feel like a part of the story. She gave the example of a retailer called Yeti. Mood Media took the retailer's existing story of how Yeti products could stand up to tough outdoor situations, such as a bear and integrated that into a display.

She also mentioned how Yeti deployed a five screen video wall called "The Wild Ones." This video wall features several adventurers which use the Yeti products. Although the displays only showcase a picture of the adventurers, they will subtly move their heads when customers approach them to look at them.

King spoke about MaxMedia's long relationship with AT&T's retail locations. MaxMedia has developed more than 4,500 pieces of content for AT&T annually. King mentioned that some customers only go into an AT&T when they have a problem and they are not "happy" to be there. In order to help customers calm down, MaxMedia deployed "Zen" moment content to the displays. The displays showcase relaxing content, while peaceful music plays.

You can watch the session here.

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