July 28, 2017 | by Bradley Cooper

For any business or individual, information is key. Amazon's story proves that those who truly know and understand their customers at a deep analytical level will win their loyalty.

At a panel at the recent ICX Summit, Eric Schongalla, manager of retail systems at Carhartt, and Roger Starkweather, senior vice president of sales and experiences at OpenEye Global, discussed how businesses can utilize data analytics and personalization.

"Informed people drive the world," stated Chris Devlin, director of sales for Omnivex Corp, who moderated the panel. "It's very hard to connect people to information even though you have it."

It's a challenge to connect the right employees to the right sorts of customer data to improve overall customer experience. The implications of this, according to Devlin, is that in the last 15 years, 52 percent of the Fortune 500 companies have vanished.

Schongalla said Carhartt deployed digital signage and kiosks and integrated analytics into these devices to find out what customers were searching for the most. At first, adoption rates were slow, so the retailer had to train associates to teach customers how to use the kiosk.

Starkweather discussed the three key areas that make up a user's experience, which are environment, effectiveness and engagement. OpenEye quantified these elements through its airport kiosks. It integrated surveys into the kiosk to ask travelers about their current mood. Then, OpenEye would serve back specialized recommendations. They examined what customers were searching, where they were touching and other information.

Watch this session here.

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